Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Eight! Eight! Eight!


I took these photos of you this morning and you were such a trooper. You have been sick for the very first time for about a week. You weren't your normal smiley self for a few days, but yesterday you started smiling constantly again, so I know you're feeling better! I wish I could just be sick instead of you. You have been totally congested, and it's been so cute because you get frustrated (that's not the cute part) and you arch your back and throw your head all the way backwards and then you nuzzle into my neck (that's the cute part). You started sleeping in a crib two nights ago too and you sleep so much better. I miss you a lot in our bed though. Last night you woke up once (the night before you woke up ZERO times!!!) and I picked you up out of your crib and snuggled with you in our bed. You didn't fall asleep though! So I got up and held you until you fell asleep and put you back in your crib where you slept peacefully for the rest of the night. Little stinker! I love cuddling you all night!

At (almost) eight months you:

are starting to be a daddy's boy! It happened about a week ago. Whenever he would get home from work, you would start whining. Even if I was holding you. At first I thought it had to be a mistake (like he had food or something you wanted, or you just wanted something else)...but you really just want your daddy! It's the cutest thing. He tries to act like it's no big deal so I won't get sad but he secretly LOVES it. You usually still want me though (had to throw that in there! haha)

LOVE baths! Whenever I notice you have cold feet or cold hands in the morning, I like to put you in the bath. You absolutely love the bath. You are starting to reach for toys and your favorite thing to play with in there is the wash cloth. You suck on it. You also hate it when I wash your eyes! You still have a clogged tear duct in your right eye and you get mad at me every time I clean it in the bath!

hate getting dressed- particularly when I put your arms through your sleeves. You scream your head off and stiffen your arms and fight me. It's pretty funny and pretty cute. You also hate having your face washed, or lotion put on your face.

can sit up by yourself! You don't sit up in the bath yet, because you still tip over sometimes, but for the most part you can sit up by yourself!

roll over like crazy and scoot around (mostly backwards). You get stuck under beds a lot somehow. I will put you on the floor in our room or the blue room and somehow you end up half under the bed all the time. You always start crying and then I rescue you! You are SO close to crawling! You get in position and even have put one knee in front of the other, you just haven't quite figured out how to alternate them!

love veggies- almost all of them! You hate fruit! Your favorites are peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, and green beans. You sometimes like squash, and you always hate bananas, apple sauce (love apples though), peaches, and pears. You also LOVE yogurt and pretty much anything we are eating! You really just want real food all the time and I don't blame ya!

do this thing where you blow out air from your cute little lips kind of like you're blowing out a candle. Dad and I are in love with it.

LOVE your brothers. You're not scared of Jonah anymore- you just really hate it when you're playing and he picks you up and holds you while he's lying on his back hahaha. Every morning when you wake up and see your brothers, you smile so big. You absolutely love them and they are totally obsessed with you! They sing you the morning song every morning. And you are always so happy when Jax gets home from school!

love to be chased! I hold you and Jax will chase you or pretend we're chasing him, and it's the hardest you have ever laughed! It is the cutest thing. You also love it when I act like a weirdo and jump towards you while dad is holding you hahaha.

I don't think you have really ever cried in your carseat during the day, unless we were on a long trip. You never every cry in there unless it's night- you and all your brothers hate the car in the dark!

are such a trooper because you have no nap schedule! We leave most days just after noon to take Jax to school. You usually fall asleep in the car...sometimes you take a nap earlier in the point is that you are just SO easy-going. You never even get cranky except for sometimes at night when you want to be walked (dad) or cuddled or nursed (me) to sleep.

love your crib. I have put you in there for naps off and on but two nights ago we moved you there to sleep and you sleep SO well so far. It's a big improvement because you woke up about every hour when you slept with us hahaha.

love to nurse! Sometimes you nurse long and sometimes short, but you are a wild nurser (not as wild as Jonah though!) You don't move your legs around's your hands! You pull my hair, scratch my face, pull on my's painful but I really love it. I kiss your chubby little hands whenever they get near my face!

started eating little snacks like yogurt drops and puffs this last month. You love them!

LOVE to be swaddled! It's so funny because sometimes you are fussy, but as soon as I start swaddling you, you immediately smile, even if it's mid-whine. You are so happy to be getting wrapped hahaha. It's kind of funny!

You will not fall asleep randomly. No matter how tired you are. You require being nursed, or held by me or dad (sometimes you will fall asleep on someone else- mostly just one of your grandma or grandpas, or uncles). It's really cute.

We are so in love with you Cash! Dad is snuggling you right now. You are my happiest baby and everyone always talks about on how cute and happy and smiley you are. I still look at you sometimes and I can't believe you're here- that you're mine. You really are our little sunshine. I love you more than you will ever know.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Snow Day! (and Cash is SEVEN months!)

Okay, so very beginning of this month, it snowed a little. We got home from church and our grass was just barely sprinkled (70% green still) and the boys were SO EXCITED. Jax screamed at me to go get his mittens hahaha. So I did and they played in the backyard in the snow for probably like an hour! McKay and I sat on their beanbag by the sliding door and just watched. I am such a wimp in the snow. I hate the cold. Then a week (ish) late it REALLY snowed. That was this day. They were in heaven. I procrastinated for a little going outside, but they were so excited that we had to get out there. I bundled them up in pajamas and the warmest things I could find (all our snow clothes were up in storage in the garage). I think I used socks for gloves hahaha. Anyways, I still had to tell them to come inside when it got too cold! These guys love the snow. When we first got out there Jax started throwing snowballs at Jonah which explains the Jonah crying pics, but we got Jax back! Cash was his perfect, happy little self in his carseat on the porch until I grabbed him and made him take pictures in his first snow. Which he didn't mind either! He was pretty much just a stiff little snow baby in his coat. Cutest snow baby in the world. Then we went inside and got warm blankets out of the dryer and drank hot chocolate. I remember Momma Donna doing that for us in Colorado, so I'm always going to do that for my kids. We they love the snow! McKay had the idea to go sledding in the mountains as a family. I was like "uhhhh fuuuuunn...." Hopefully he forgets. 

And Cash, you at seven months!...

love to be held...all the time! And I don't mind at all. Seriously! You love to be swaddled on mommy, so we got a new one for bigger babies and you love that too. You fall asleep in it sometimes. We wear it shopping, at church, at home, pretty much anywhere! And you love it! (but I love it more)

hang out with daddy at church. Since I am in Primary, I don't want you around a bunch of sick kiddos, so you hang out with dad lately (part of it is because I have been teaching a lot of sharing times!) I really miss you at church. Usually after church I just grab you and we cuddle on the couch because I miss you so much Sunday mornings. 

I take you to Ward Council with me and you are perfect. Papa John sometimes steals you and you just sit on his lap until you lay back and fall asleep. Everyone loves you. Everyone wants to play with you and talk to you because you smile at EVERYONE. I have had to ask people to not touch you a couple times! hahaha

usually take a nap in the morning around 10 or 11 and then you wake up around three times at night...more or less. Sometimes much, much more hahahaha. It's okay though. I love snuggling you!

We can always get you to smile. Even if you are crying and sad and so tired and fussy, if we try, we can ALWAYS get you to smile. I would say 99% of the time. So many people have said that they have never seen a baby as happy as you!

still LOVE baths. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Five Months (and Four!)

Five months with our little sunshine boy! We call you that because you are the sunshine of our home. When everything seems crazy and chaotic we just look at you and you smile big and remind us how lucky we all are to have each other. You have been mommy's sidekick and a serious trooper. You are in your carseat every day because we take Jax to preschool and I feel bad waking you up so much to put you in (and take you out) of the car, but you are happy through it all! One time I walked over to your side of the car to get you out (I thought you were sleeping) and slid the door open to see you looking at me with a huge grin! You're my little guy and I could never imagine my life without you. Your brothers and daddy love you too. I am constantly telling Jonah to "be soft" and "be careful" and "put him down!" but none of us can get enough! 

You are four and five months:

-A little while after you turned four months (maybe closer to five) I gave you your first taste of rice cereal. You HATED it! You got the funniest expression and spit it right out! Your little eyebrows go up and you just look me right in the face. It's the cutest thing! I thought you would get used to it, but you didn't. You still hate cereal! We've tried rice, multigrain and oatmeal and you hate them all! haha! I'm thinking it's the texture that you don't like. Your first fruit was peaches and you ate them a couple times, but now I can't get you to eat them again. I haven't figures out yet if you're picky with food, or just picky with when you're fed. Sometimes you eat a ton and sometimes you won't eat much. You usually like to eat at night and you'll eat a lot. Mornings...not so much. Your favorite foods are sweet potatoes, bananas, peas, and carrots. I also gave you homemade stew and chicken noodle soup and you LOVED those. Whenever we are eating you get really excited and start moving all around. I think you just want grown up food! We just need some teeth to come in! 

-Speaking of teeth, I think you have been teething for like two months! I feel so bad. You have given me two hickeys biting and sucking on my neck! You can stick almost your entire fist in your mouth. I think they are working their way up, but nothing has popped through yet. I feel so bad. You had a while where we were giving you Tylenol at night because you seemed like you were in so much pain, but that has mostly passed. 

-You are a good sleeper! We have had some crazy spurts this last month (like up every 30 min to nurse!), but usually you just wake up once or twice a night. You sleep with mom and we cuddle all night. It's one of the things I look forward to the most every day. If you're a little restless, I just put my face next to yours and you calm down and we fall asleep together. It's been our special thing since you were a newborn. I can't imagine ever putting you in your crib.

-You do really good in your carseat and really good in a stroller. We have taken a couple road trips with you and you don't like to be in the car for long periods of time. Mommy held you and nursed you a lot. A lot of the time, you were happy with me just next to you. Your brothers love to talk to you in the car. Jax sits right behind you and he loves to make you laugh and smile when we're driving! You almost always fall asleep in the car but you wake up usually when I get you out. You are a pretty light little sleeper!

-You are in 6-12 month old clothes! You are growing just like your brothers. You are skinnier like Jax and are in the 30th percentile for height and weight. Your head is larger though- just like all the rest of us in the family! :)

-You have started arching your back when you want to be picked up! I love it! You also arch your back when someone else is holding you and you want me. Sometimes you just lean your whole body! I love it! I can't wait for you to start reaching for me. 

-You love Tylenol and your vitamins! You're my first baby that does!

-You love to see yourself in the mirror! We have this mirror in our hallways downstair and we stop all the time and look at your. As soon as your see yourself and mommy you get the biggest smile! 

-You don't really care about holding things yet. We give you stuff sometimes to hold and you stick it in your mouth and then usually drop it! Your favorite thing to grab and hold is mom's hair!

-You love your brothers! One of your favorite things to do is sit on the beanbag chair and watch them play. Sometimes if I have to put you down to do something, I stick you in that chair and you are almost always happy in it.

-This last month you fell off the counter in your bouncer. It was one of the scariest moments for me! I couldn't get you to calm down until finally I got in the bath with you and you fell asleep on me (which scared me too) so we went to the doctor. You were fine, but I could tell your head was sore. You were such a trooper through it all. Mom just cuddled you and held you pretty much non-stop and you were normal the next day. We don't put the bouncer on the counter anymore! 

-(Besides that last thing) there has never been a time when I couldn't get you to calm down. You usually just want to be held or nurse. You LOVE to nurse and are a really good nurser. Sometimes you aren't even hungry you just want to nurse! And that is totally fine with me, because I love to nurse you! Sometimes we sit on the rocking chair in your room (and we don't tell the other boys where we are) and we just nurse and rock. Those have been some of my favorite moments with you. 

-You are starting to like to be held standing up! It's so funny because as I type this, you are on my lap and you are arching your back, wanting me to stand up with you! haha

-You LOVE to be swaddled! It's so funny because I've never regularly swaddled you, but I've noticed it's something that you love haha. You can be really fussy and I'll lay you on a blanket and start to swaddle you and you immediately smile! It's like you know you're about to be really secure and warm! Then I usually hold you and put our faces together and you fall asleep on mommy!


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

On our way to Conference!

We went to General Conference this month. We drove through Boise and stayed the night at grammy and Tony's and then the next day headed to Utah! We love Utah. I don't know why. Probably because most of our best friends are there (and the food...duh). We stayed with Jason and Jan this time. Highlight of that was the Aquarium. The boys LOVED it. And it was so fun to watch them love it. Whenever we drive away from Utah we have to justify to ourselves why we would never live there, but I think both of us secretly love some parts of it. For me, it's the friends and all the people who are so much like us. I don't think I could raise a family there though. And whenever we reach all the green trees and mountains, we are almost home and it's like a breath of fresh air. It is kind of weird thought that Utah is one of our favorite vacay spots. haha. Oh and these pics were in Idaho. We were on our way to Boise and the sun was setting and McKay notices how pretty the sky was and pulled over! We all got out and enjoyed it for a while. Then we got in our car to like 23487293 bugs. It was kind of not worth it. I am a more enjoy-nature-from-inside kind of girl anyways. hahahaha. Don't tell anyone I said that. Hiking is the cool thing right now.

Cody, Haley, and Chad all drove from Rexburg to meet us in Utah. My mom, Lexi and Laci drove from Washington the day (or two, I don't remember) after us. My mom's car broke down like an hour away from Salt Lake. It was so sad hahaha. McKay had to go get her. Sadly, I was stuck at City Creek with just Cash and my wallet. It was pretty much my favorite part of the entire trip. A whole two hours to shop and be with my baby. Just kidding, my favorite part was conference. Really.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

3! 3! 3!

Oh Cashy Cash! In this last month, you have grown so much! And as I typed that, I wasn't even (that) sad (but I was a little sad) BUT it's okay because you are just so much fun and I would never want to go backwards. Today we were sitting in Sunday School at the Pinkhouse and daddy looked at me and said that he felt so connected to you at three months because you are have so much personality already. Usually dad's first favorite age is like six months, but you are just so smiley and fun and silly- we can't get enough of you. When someone else is holding you, I love to walk to where you can see me because you get the biggest smile on your face. You know who I am. You know who daddy is too. When dad gets home from work and you hear his voice, you immediately smile. I still have a hard time sharing you! I'm trying to be really good at it, but when someone else is holding you for a long time, I miss you a lot. You are so so loved by so many people. I hope you always always know that. Your brothers want to hold you and kiss you and be near you every second. In fact, at your two month appointment, the nurse had to ask them to back up because they couldn't stop kissing you! I look at you and feel so grateful you have two older brothers who will protect you and love you always. You're our little guy and I'll always make sure you know how much you're loved!

At three months you:

LOVE LOVE LOVE baths. No matter what, no matter where, no matter how fussy of a day it has been, I stick you in the bath and you are a happy camper. You immediately smile! You kick in the bath now and I wonder if it's fun for you to feel the water splashing around you!

You don't mind your nose sucker anymore and it's hilarious to me because I feel like you are just so used to it now, you kind of just tolerate it hahaha. You kind of raise your eyebrows and look startled and you look be right in the eyes, but you don't cry, you just kind of bare it hahaha. It's so cute! I always kiss a ton afterwards and feel so bad!

Your favorite place to be if you have to be put down is Jax's beanbag. It's comfortable for you and I think you like it because you are secure in there. Jax likes to adjust you and it slightly scares me but you love sitting on the beanbag in the playroom and listening to Jax and Jonah play.

You love books! Lately I have been trying to read to you a lot every day and you love to be read to and look at the pictures. Usually you will sit calmly for one or two books. You also love the TV...haha. I never put you in front of it, but if any of us are watching it, you immediately turn your head and try to see the screen. Sometimes I just set you down the opposite way of the TV so you can't see it- but it's pretty funny how you like to look at it if you can!

If you are fussy and having a hard time going to sleep, you like to be swaddles (minus your arms). You are such a cuddler so you always sleep better too if I put a pillow or two on your sides. I think because you are so used to cuddling with me or dad!

You sleep with us and we cuddle every night. I push you up by my head and you always reach your hand out so it's touching my cheek or arm and that's how you sleep best. I love how much you love contact. It has comforted you since you were born and I love it so much.

We have never needed a swing with you! With your brothers I used it so much, and we sold ours before you were born. Grandma Pat offered to buy us a new one for a baby gift but you were such a good newborn, I didn't think I would need it- and I haven't! You are so easy and don't really need to be swung or rocked. You do like to be held, but you are totally content just sitting on our lap or cuddling on our shoulder or being right next to us and listening to us talk. When I'm making dinner, I just put you right next to me and we talk and you are usually happy. And you are such a good sleeper, so we have never needed one during the night.

On that are liking to be held more and more. It's kind of funny, and I don't mind at all. Sometimes Jax even helps and you love your brother. It's so sweet! We put you in the wrap on Jax once and you loved it! Sometimes he reads or sings to you too!

You usually only wake up once during the night! If it's more than once, it's like three times...but usually just once! You go to sleep for the night usually between 10 and 11 and you wake up at about 8. Then you take a nap around 10!

You are SO SMILEY when you wake up (and all the time) your uncles are so in love with you and always want to hold you because of how cute you are and how much you smile. You smile at strangers at stores all the time and it's so fun because they are so surprised that a baby so little is so alert and responsive. It's so much fun to just sit and talk to you. I love to just prop you on my legs when i'm sitting down and talk to you!

You laugh a lot! We can usually make you laugh whenever we try! You don't really laugh at peek-a-boo yet, but you laugh when we look away and then look at you really fast and say "I love you!"

You wear 3-6 month clothes and they're getting kind of small! In some brands you even wear 6-9!

You love the wrap still, but you get sick of it sometimes and want to just be held out. You are wanting to be held facing out more and more, but when you are tired, you like to lay on our shoulders and fall asleep.

You nap really well at home, but when we're not at home, you don't nap as well. I love how you know where home is. You immediately get content when we walk through our door and you are so much more comfortable there. I love that.

We love you Cash man!

Friday, July 15, 2016


Cashy boy!

You are TWO MONTHS today. I would never want to go backwards, but every day I soak you in as much as I can. I never want to forget you this little. You are still my cuddle bug. When we go places or when we are church, I put you in a little wrap on my chest and you just cuddle on me and sleep. I play with your little feet and your cute little head and you just sleep on my chest. It's one of my favorite things to do with you. My other favorite thing to do with you is pick you up under your arms so your cheeks squish on your shoulders and then I kiss the sides of your mouth and your cheeks over and over and over again and you smile HUGE the whole time. Today you smiled big when you were nursing for the first time. I have been waiting for that! You are a happy boy and we have a special little bond. I was thinking this month about how we have had so many special moments, just you and me. The first one was when I found out I was pregnant with you. I feel like we have had a special connection since then. I worried a lot about different things when I was pregnant with you and I'm just so happy I get to hold you and cuddle you and kiss you every day whenever I want! Sometimes I still can't believe you're here. I love you so much!

At two months you...

still sleep right next to me! In the middle of the night when you get fussy, I cuddle close to you so you can feel me right there and you usually fall right back to sleep. Sometimes all you need is to feel my hand on your arm and you are okay! Oh! And you wake up a lot more now during the night :) two or three times!

love love love your Solly wrap and baths- those are your two favorite things!

don't take long naps. Mostly you like to be held which I honestly love. I love that you want me to hold you more and you know when it's me picking you up. You will sleep for hours in the Solly wrap but not long on the couch or the bed or in your little seat. You like to be in the wrap, or held. Sometimes you will take a long nap, but during those times, your brother Jonah usually climbs on top of you and startles you and your arms go straight out at your sides because you get scared and you wake up...

are really calm on Jax! And sometimes on Jonah. Every morning, Jonah still sings you the morning song! When Jonah holds you, he likes to pat your stomach and move you a lot and you don't love it...haha. Jax loves to put blankets around you and prop you up "like a grown man," he did it once and you loved it, so whenever you're fussy and he's the one right next to you, he tried to do it to make you happy!

don't like daddy's beard... but he shaved it last night! Yay! It was so cute because he was holding you on the bed right after, kissing you, and talking about how smooth your skin was! It was the first time he felt it in two months!

know when we are home. You are definitely the most calm at home.

don't like to be held cradled like a little baby. You like to be up against my shoulder so you can look all around, but still be really close to me! I always stop in front of the mirror in our hall so I can look at your cute face squished on my shoulder!

your baby acne is all cleared up! Aquaphor is the best.

are in 0-3 and some 3-6 month old clothes. I got these really cute 3-6 month old clothes before you were born and the shirts looked so huge to me! I put one on you yesterday just to see how it looked and it TOTALLY fit! I couldn't believe it! You are still so tiny though!

are you chunky! I LOOOOVE IT. You have little arm rolls and I am in love with them! I kiss them all the time. I love changing your diaper too because I get to see your chubby little thighs. You have this little fuzzy hair on your arms and sometimes I can see it if we're in the right light and it makes me just want to eat you! I cannot get over how perfect you are. Sometimes at night when daddy and I are watching a movie I just can't stop staring at you and I turn to dad and say, don't you just want to stare at him?! How is he THIS cute and perfect?!! You are pretty cute and perfect!

really do not love your carseat! If you are tired and fall asleep, you are fine, but when you get mad, you are MAD. You have a different mad cry than your brothers. Yours sounds like you are grinding your teeth and you start blowing bubbles and your face gets really red! I usually just nurse you in a parking lot because your cry is sooo sad. When I walk over to your door I know your face is going to be red like a tomato with bubbles all over your chin and it always is! I get you out of your carseat as fast as I can! We did drive to the lake house though and you did soooo great on that trip! I held you and nursed you a couple times, but other than that, you were an angel baby!

love to lay chest-to-chest. It's my favorite way to hold you. Sometimes if I scoot you low, you look up at me and smile. Those have been some of my favorite moments with you.

If someone else is holding you and you hear my voice, you usually smile or try to turn your head to where I am. I love that you know who I am and usually want me. You are so easy though and are usually fine no matter who is holding you, but if you are fussy, you are only calm on me, sometimes even if I don't nurse you right away!

are starting to move your head a lot more. You turn it from side to side a lot better now and your neck is getting SO strong. We don't really do tummy time in our family because we hold you up against us so much that you so "tummy time" that way hahaha

Today it was so cute. We were eating pancakes for breakfast and I was sitting on the floor next to you because you were in your seat. I kept talking to you but you were looking a little lower than where my face was. But all of the sudden you found my face and you got the biggest smile! It was the best thing ever. It made me so happy!

We sure love you Cash. Dad said the other day "I don't even remember life without Cash." It's so true. We can't imagine life without you. So glad we finally have you in our home. You are so so loved.

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