Tuesday, March 28, 2017


*I need to write something here. For now, just look at how freaking cute these munchkins are!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Hawaii 2017

The ONE day I took pictures! I know...so bad. I am the worst at hauling my big camera around and then after the fact, I wish I would have. I have been all about just living in the moment lately (but then after the moment, it kind of sucks not to have the pictures!). Anyways- our trip to Hawaii this year was food, spending time together, food, cuddling babies, and FOOD. Cody at one point goes, "You guys are food people, huh?" hahaha. The weather was so pretty- not swimming weather though. We spent a lot of time walking around and seeing places we didn't see. Totally different from last year when we spent 80% of the time at the pool. The boys are at such fu ages. They were a BREEZE on the plane. Seriously so stinking easy. We got there just before Cody and Haley and Chad. It's always the best to all be together. Jax and Jonah couldn't wait to swim. The pool had a waterslide and Jax had no fear. He is a kind of an adrenaline junkie. I think he would do just about anything. I mostly sat in the hot tub with Cash and usually an orange (it was our tradition to be in the hot tub together and eat an orange- me and the boys). McKay and I spent lots of time searching for the "best food" on Maui and I seriously think we found some of it. Grandpa and grandma found out they could come at the last minute when grandpa was cleared by his Dr. He's so stinking tough. Who has open-heat-surgery and goes to Hawaii four weeks later? haha. Chad struggled slightly being at the "awkward age." Not married yet but too old to hang out with the kids. Jake was at the awkward age too. It will be better when Tanner and Jared are back hahaha. 

Jax brought his camera and took pictures the entire time. He and Jonah were in heaven having Lexi and Laci within walking distance for an entire week. The three littlest (before Cash) drank smoothies on the porch, played hide-and-go-seek, etc. Kid heaven. 

The highlight of the trip was Sunday at church. After Sacrament was over, Jax asked immediately if he could go to Primary. The rest of the family left after sacrament, but our little example got the five of us to stay. We're really glad we did. And Jax had NO fear in Primary. Walked right in and sat in the front row. Love that guy. Jonah slept on us in Sunday School. haha.

On this day we went on a hike (haha I think it was like .23 miles...?) We got up early and got donuts on the way (the reason I went...jk) at one of the "best" places. The boys were so cute. Jax carried his polaroid and tool pictures the whole time. He would tell Jonah to pose and Jonah would do his very best smile and Jax would tell him to "SMILE NORMAL JONAH." I think about 80% of this trip I was just thinking how stinking cute my kids are and how much I love them. The other 20% was spent convincing my brothers to hurry the freak up and give me some nieces and nephews. 

Saturday, March 18, 2017


(Dad calls you "Cash Money") Did you know that you have the coolest name ever? Dad fantasizes about all the cool names your friends will call you when you "play sports." We wanted you to have a really cool name! ;)


play with my hair the entire time you nurse. It actually really hurts because you like to grab little strands and yank it with your sticky little hands! But whenever I say "OW!" you look up at me and smile and that's pretty much worth it!

really struggle picking up food! It's so funny because you know how to do it, but somehow SO MUCH food ends up stuck to your little bum! If I put food in your mouth, you like to grab it out and put it back in yourself. I am always amazed at the mess you can make with one goldfish!

have smacked your head more than either of your brothers. For some reason, you hit your head all the  time. Today was my fault. I put you on the couch with Jax and Jonah and you were all watching a movie so cute...I didn't even imagine you falling...but you did. And I felt SO bad! You fell head first and hit your head on our hardwood. You didn't cry for long but I have been worried and felt bad about it all day.

Love your brothers! It's so cute because you are starting to get obsessed with Jonah! You grab his cheek and you kiss him (bite him) all over his face! He loves it so much, he just cringes and lets you do it! You are so so loved!

HATE HATE HATE HATE getting dressed! You arch your back and cry and kick me with your legs! You're actually really strong so it does make it hard hahahah. And you hate getting changed! But you hate getting dressed more.

are starting to fall asleep in random places! You have never really done this...but you fell asleep on the floor once (last week I think...?) And I was shocked! You are still a light sleeper and really hard to transfer! I could NEVER carry you from your carseat to your crib. The minute I open the car door you are usually awake.

hate the car in the dark. You scream your head off!

are kind of a daddy's boy....(little stinker!) When he gets home from work, you start bouncing in my arms and reaching for him. Sometimes you start whining for him just hearing his voice!

looooove to tear up books! Sometimes when I need you entertained, I just give you a magazine and let you rip it up!

don't eat as much anymore. There was a time where you ate a ton and pretty much everything, but you are starting to get more picky.

still have two teeth! No others popping through yet!

are a frequent nurser! I'm not sure how we are ever going to stop. Nursing is your go-to for comfort, boredom, going to sleep, etc. etc. etc. You love to nurse!

sleep pretty much the entire night! You are a night owl...but when you go to bed, you sleep so well in your crib! You sometimes wake up really early in the morning and then you sleep in my bed with me! You usually sleep till 8ish.

are super easy during church! You just sit on our laps or stand up and hold onto the bench behind us. A few weeks ago though, I put you on the ground and you crawled like six rows back in about ten seconds! I was looking all around for you and I couldn't believe how far you got!


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My Nine Monther

Cash! This has been your biggest month yet! This month you did so many new things. You started feeding yourself (not with a spoon, but you can pick up cereal all on your own!) You also sit up now. Just in case you're worried about me, I'm not sad at all. I have the best of both worlds right now. You still cuddle me to sleep every night, but you also reach for me and giggle so hard when I tickle you! Just when I think I couldn't possibly love you any more, the sun comes up and you smile at me with your sleepy face- and I do!

At NINE months you-

Sit up all by yourself! You can go from crawling to sitting and back to crawling again. By the way, you're an awesome crawler! So fast. You don't travel much or very far yet, but you crawl perfectly.

Are a picky little eater! Well...kinda. You only eat homemade baby food (sweet potatoes and stuff) or the expensive kind like Plum. You will not eat Gerber brand hahaha. It's so funny. I don't know how you can tell the difference- but you can. You like real bananas, but not banana baby food. Sweet potatoes are still your favorite veggie and you LOVE oranges.

Love the bath...but not so much with your brothers. We just started putting you in the bath with Jax and Jonah because you are getting stable enough, but you don't love it. I think their splashing and just general craziness makes you nervous! You also don't like water poured on your head!

HATE having your face washed. Your eyes finally cleared up, but any time I wash your face, you still scream your head off.

also hate getting your diaper changed.

also hate getting dressed (especially getting your arms put through sleeves). For a pretty easy baby, you are kinda particular about a few things!

LOVE to swing at the park! It's cold right now so you have only been once or twice, but you love it! You laughed so hard the first time!

have dry little cheeks. I sneak in your room after you are sleeping and put stuff on your cute little red cheeks!

Speaking of sleeping...you sleep in your own bed now! You woke up a lot sleeping with mommy, so one night, probably around 2am, me and dad (me) said "that's it! he has to sleep in his crib!" So dad moved you to your crib and you slept the ENTIRE rest of the night that night! We were all a lot happier the next morning! Since then, you have done so awesome in your crib! I miss you though. Sometimes in the middle of the night if you wake up, I snuggle with you in our bed for the rest of the night! You usually only wake up once though, if at all!

love your brothers. Jonah is learning how to be more gentle with you and you have have had a lot of fun playing with him lately. He pushes you around in your little seat toy and you laugh the hardest I've ever heard you laugh! The only thing you don't love is when you're sitting on the ground and he sneaks up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist and tips you backwards and holds you lying down on his back. It's probably your most un-favorite thing besides getting dressed! haha

are starting to notice when I put you down. You don't always like it. You are liking to be held more and more, but I don't mind at all!

got your fist two teeth! They are sooo cute! Jax and I kept feeling to check if they were in yet and we were so excited when they popped through! You have the cutest smile!

SMILE CONSTANTLY. The BEST part of my morning is when you wake up. I hear you talking or making little noises and right when you see me, you get this HUGE smile. We since the "Good Morning" song every morning and you smile the entire time. You make everyone so so happy. Our little sunshine Cash!

love Grandpa Gary. He had heart surgery and has been in recovery. Sometimes he isn't feeling very good, but you always make him smile! You are always drawn to him and smile so big when you see him. You love to grab his ears and bite his nose! You also like to climb up his legs. Since he is still healing, it's really hard for him to get up out of a chair, but one day you were on the ground next to him and started crying and he LAID on the ground to make you feel better! He had no idea how he was going to get up, but he didn't care- he just wanted you to be happy!

You're such a special boy Cash- you have a special spirit and a special ability to bring happiness to people all around you. You have been the light in our home during times of frustration or contention or worry. I know Heavenly Father knew we would need you. I'm so grateful I get to be your mommy.

We love you Cash man!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Eight! Eight! Eight!


I took these photos of you this morning and you were such a trooper. You have been sick for the very first time for about a week. You weren't your normal smiley self for a few days, but yesterday you started smiling constantly again, so I know you're feeling better! I wish I could just be sick instead of you. You have been totally congested, and it's been so cute because you get frustrated (that's not the cute part) and you arch your back and throw your head all the way backwards and then you nuzzle into my neck (that's the cute part). You started sleeping in a crib two nights ago too and you sleep so much better. I miss you a lot in our bed though. Last night you woke up once (the night before you woke up ZERO times!!!) and I picked you up out of your crib and snuggled with you in our bed. You didn't fall asleep though! So I got up and held you until you fell asleep and put you back in your crib where you slept peacefully for the rest of the night. Little stinker! I love cuddling you all night!

At (almost) eight months you:

are starting to be a daddy's boy! It happened about a week ago. Whenever he would get home from work, you would start whining. Even if I was holding you. At first I thought it had to be a mistake (like he had food or something you wanted, or you just wanted something else)...but you really just want your daddy! It's the cutest thing. He tries to act like it's no big deal so I won't get sad but he secretly LOVES it. You usually still want me though (had to throw that in there! haha)

LOVE baths! Whenever I notice you have cold feet or cold hands in the morning, I like to put you in the bath. You absolutely love the bath. You are starting to reach for toys and your favorite thing to play with in there is the wash cloth. You suck on it. You also hate it when I wash your eyes! You still have a clogged tear duct in your right eye and you get mad at me every time I clean it in the bath!

hate getting dressed- particularly when I put your arms through your sleeves. You scream your head off and stiffen your arms and fight me. It's pretty funny and pretty cute. You also hate having your face washed, or lotion put on your face.

can sit up by yourself! You don't sit up in the bath yet, because you still tip over sometimes, but for the most part you can sit up by yourself!

roll over like crazy and scoot around (mostly backwards). You get stuck under beds a lot somehow. I will put you on the floor in our room or the blue room and somehow you end up half under the bed all the time. You always start crying and then I rescue you! You are SO close to crawling! You get in position and even have put one knee in front of the other, you just haven't quite figured out how to alternate them!

love veggies- almost all of them! You hate fruit! Your favorites are peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, and green beans. You sometimes like squash, and you always hate bananas, apple sauce (love apples though), peaches, and pears. You also LOVE yogurt and pretty much anything we are eating! You really just want real food all the time and I don't blame ya!

do this thing where you blow out air from your cute little lips kind of like you're blowing out a candle. Dad and I are in love with it.

LOVE your brothers. You're not scared of Jonah anymore- you just really hate it when you're playing and he picks you up and holds you while he's lying on his back hahaha. Every morning when you wake up and see your brothers, you smile so big. You absolutely love them and they are totally obsessed with you! They sing you the morning song every morning. And you are always so happy when Jax gets home from school!

love to be chased! I hold you and Jax will chase you or pretend we're chasing him, and it's the hardest you have ever laughed! It is the cutest thing. You also love it when I act like a weirdo and jump towards you while dad is holding you hahaha.

I don't think you have really ever cried in your carseat during the day, unless we were on a long trip. You never every cry in there unless it's night- you and all your brothers hate the car in the dark!

are such a trooper because you have no nap schedule! We leave most days just after noon to take Jax to school. You usually fall asleep in the car...sometimes you take a nap earlier in the morning...my point is that you are just SO easy-going. You never even get cranky except for sometimes at night when you want to be walked (dad) or cuddled or nursed (me) to sleep.

love your crib. I have put you in there for naps off and on but two nights ago we moved you there to sleep and you sleep SO well so far. It's a big improvement because you woke up about every hour when you slept with us hahaha.

love to nurse! Sometimes you nurse long and sometimes short, but you are a wild nurser (not as wild as Jonah though!) You don't move your legs around much...it's your hands! You pull my hair, scratch my face, pull on my lips...it's painful but I really love it. I kiss your chubby little hands whenever they get near my face!

started eating little snacks like yogurt drops and puffs this last month. You love them!

LOVE to be swaddled! It's so funny because sometimes you are fussy, but as soon as I start swaddling you, you immediately smile, even if it's mid-whine. You are so happy to be getting wrapped hahaha. It's kind of funny!

You will not fall asleep randomly. No matter how tired you are. You require being nursed, or held by me or dad (sometimes you will fall asleep on someone else- mostly just one of your grandma or grandpas, or uncles). It's really cute.

We are so in love with you Cash! Dad is snuggling you right now. You are my happiest baby and everyone always talks about on how cute and happy and smiley you are. I still look at you sometimes and I can't believe you're here- that you're mine. You really are our little sunshine. I love you more than you will ever know.
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