Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter in Boise

Boise for Easter and Conference this year! I love General Conference and for some reason I especially love watching it with McKay's family. I'm not sure why and it's kind of funny because the first time I watched it with them I was traumatized. I was so nervous to sing in front of McKay when we were dating. His family is musical and I am pretty much the worst ever at singing. I lip-synched next to him in Sacrament meeting until we were married about five years and I'm not even kidding. The first time I watched General Conference with his family, the six of them together in their little family room- all sang the hymns out loud. I almost died. I didn't know what to do. I'm not sure if I just sat there or pretended to sing but those were some of the longest songs I have ever sat through in my entire life. Anyways, they don't do that anymore, luckily! I just love watching Conference in Boise with these people! And it was fun for all the little cousins to be together for Easter. My questions for Conference this year were:

How can I and my children feel safe in the world today?

In what ways do we need to be involved with the world? How to we stand up for what’s right while not being affected by evil today? How does peace remain as we do that?

I wrote them down on my phone and I thought about them throughout all the sessions. I had never really done that- just focused on a couple questions, prayerfully. I was amazed and not surprised about how profoundly and clearly my questions were answered, and still continue to unfold. Heavenly Father's blessings to His children are unceasing and abundant. I am constantly surprised and amazed at how generously my prayers are answered. 

When President Nelson was called as a Prophet, I knew that he was the one the Lord needed at this time to lead His church on the earth. I never questioned it or even asked for a confirmation. However, I was watching an interview with the new First Presidency and I felt an overwhelming confirmation from the spirit that President Russel M. Nelson was the prophet who needed to lead the church today, during this time in the world. I felt so strongly that it was true. It was a confirmation I never asked for but for which I am so grateful. I am constantly being guided in the direction I need to be when I am open to Heavenly Father's will for me and seek it in my life. So much was made clear to me during conference. So many worried dissipated and comfort and hope filled my heart. It would be hard to explain everything I felt but to put it simply, my big "answer" was personal revelation. President Nelson encouraged us to seek after it. I can't raise my kids or fulfill my purpose here without it. 

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