Monday, September 2, 2013

Thirty-Three Weeks

Friday we got to thirty-three weeks! I have been meaning to blog and take lots more pictures, but I have been very busy nesting. Seriously! Last week I even cleaned all my blinds and I hated it so much I almost cried like five times during the process! I think I literally cried like once. Cleaning blinds is horrible. I got that feeling you get when your parents make you clean on a Saturday- total torture that you can't escape and you absolutely have to finish. By the time McKay got home from work, I was so distressed that he actually helped me finish the downstairs ones and he didn't even complain. That is no surprise though because he never complains. I love him. I usually don't get to mushy on here because I have always wanted to make sure this was not one of those I have the perfect life, I am sooooo lucky blogs, but holy cow, I love my husband. Every day he amazes me with his willingness to help me and put up with my ((crossing-my-fingers) hormone-driven) demands and emotions. I love you so much McKay and every day I truly truly believe that I am the luckiest girl in the world. There is no way any other guy would do what you do. No way. I love you more than anything.

There are lots of things I still want to get done before baby comes. Here is the list: fill in holes in the laundry room, paint baby room, paint laundry room, paint bonus room (that one is a maybe). And the sad thing is that of course by "I," I mean McKay- because of the fumes. I feel bad about all the projects, so I am trying to space them out. I also want to do all my little house projects that I haven't gotten done. Here is the list: hang pictures on the walls, decorate the entry, do the Fall decor (YAY!), decorate baby room, hang plates in kitchen. And there are like seventy other things in my head, but I don't want to sound insane, so I'll leave it at that ;). Also last week, I organized the boys' clothes and got the baby car seat all cleaned and ready!! I can't even explain how fun it is to see two little sets of clothes in their closet. One, Jax's and the other- tiny newborn things. I can't wait. And today, officially, we can say, "next month!!" (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I don't have another doctor appointment until the 12th, and by then I will be almost 35 weeks. When I was pregnant with Jax, I loved the 3rd trimester. I didn't understand why girls loved the 2nd- because during my 2nd with Jax I was still sick and felt terrible. I finally felt better by the 3rd. This time...I get it! I feel huge. I can't sleep. I am never comfortable and always hot. I HATE the sun. Sometimes I put my feet in a sink of freezing water while I do my makeup. I am just always hot and it's miserable. I used to always get mad at McKay because he would turn the AC on in the car in the middle of winter. Now he sleeps on my side of the bed sometimes- because it is furthest away from our open window and he gets too cold. I haven't been putting lotion on my belly (for stretch-mark prevention) because it adds another layer of something that makes me hotter. Isn't that weird? I am literally always hot. McKay is on a working-out kick. Actually, it's moved out of the "kick" phase. He has a new working-out life. He's been doing it since January. He works out every morning and he even takes protein. Today I was checking him out a ton because his arms are getting so big and I like it. So while he is at his prime and freezing his skinny bum off, I am fat and hot all the time and out-of breath after standing up to dry my hair. I can't even do my makeup standing up anymore. I sit on our counter!

This baby kicks all the time and it's so much fun. Sometimes when I am holding Jax, the baby kicks him and I say, "Jax! The baby just kicked you!" And Jax smiles and giggles because he knows it's a good thing. He is so excited to be a big brother. I think he is starting to understand. Sometimes he just walks over to me and kisses my belly or lays his head on it. I think I am more excited to put Jax's new little brother on his little lap than anything. I just can't even imagine what that will feel like. There are times when I think about a new baby and it feels so normal already- like we are ready and that Jax needs a sibling and like I know how things will go and how to work our routine and handle everything. But then there are times too when I look at Jax, and I can't believe we are moving out of this phase of just being us three- and I hope Jax will never feel sad or left out or like he doesn't have enough of us when the new baby comes. Honestly though, I don't think about that last one too much. Because I think about me and my brothers and I think about Jax having a little brother, and I know that having a sibling is the best thing your parents can give you. I am so excited to have two little boys. And you know what I realized just recently? I get to get them matching Christmas outfits! I hadn't thought of that and it made me so excited! I can't believe it's next month! I keep getting that feeling that it's too good to even be real. I love that feeling.

I have a feeling that the baby is going to come early. At the same time, I know that just typing that totally jinxes me (even though I don't believe in that stuff) and that now he will be like a week overdue. I think I just think that because I am SO SORE. I feel like I look a little overly-dramatic because I am not like huge and I act like I am- but I really do feel like I am. I tell McKay that every day.

Okay, here are some things about us right now that I want to remember:

- We can't decide on a name AT ALL. We seriously have no clue and don't like any boy names.
- I haven't bought one item of maternity clothes. I know, I am proud of myself. I squeeze into anything I can and then just wear my underwear at home. Great system.
- My brothers think that the baby breathes through my bellybutton- so when we walked passed a smoker the other day, Cody told me to "plug" my bellybutton. haha.
- Everyone has felt and seen the baby move now. Chad was the first one (besides McKay) to feel this baby move. It was at Jamie's graduation in June.
- I don't have any stretch marks yet on my belly and no new ones anywhere else.
- The nurse said that the baby was head-down at my last appointment. I'm not sure if he will stay like that, or if he is still flipping. I feel like he is staying like that, but I'm not sure. I'm still not good at recognizing what is what.
-I still weigh less than I did at our wedding. Awesome and really really sad.
-Lately I have been eating so. much. crap. I am grossed out with myself every day. Today for example, I ate a whole piece of cake and like five Frangos. Oh, and more dinner than McKay. P.S. right now I am hungry.
-I am so uncomfortable at night. With Jax I honestly think I could lay on my stomach until like 36 weeks. I never understood why women needed pregnancy pillows and so many high-maintenence things. Now I really really really need them! Someone buy me a pregnancy pillow!
- This baby moves all the time- and he is rough! Sometimes I feel like he is just gouging my ribs and my sides. It hurts, but I love it because I love every time he moves!
- I am still trying to figure out whether to put the boys in the same room, or not. The baby will be with us for the first few months, but we still haven't decided what to do after that.
- My goal is to potty-train Jax this month. I know it will be hard to do it with a newborn, but I also know what a hardship it is for me to squat down right now (like to sit by Jax while he's learning), so we'll see...
- We are trying to teach Jax colors! So far, he knows "ornch," and I think it's because he loves "orch juishh" so much!
- McKay and I were talking the other night about how we get to have all the "firsts" all over again. Like  seeing him roll over for the first time, and seeing him sit up, hearing him laugh, giving him cereal, the first time he says "mom," his first steps, and all the other "firsts" that are so special!

I was just going through old blog posts to see what I said when I was pregnant with Jax at this stage. Kind of funny...and I guess I lied because I did feel huge then too.


  1. Yay!! You blogged!! You look so cute and how do you not wear maternity clothes?! And weigh less than when you got married?! I am jealous. I hate getting dressed now. Even some of my maternity clothes are too tight now! I am so excited for you to have 2 little boys!!

  2. :)
    Gah i wish i could be like you when pregnancy rolls around for maternity clothes?! that is a blessing.
    YOU ARE SO CUTE pregnant (and not pregnant haha)
    <3 glad to hear y'all are doing well (minus feeling hot all of the time, that's no bueno)

  3. No, you guys, I definitely DO NOT fit in my normal clothes...AT ALL! :) I have a few maternity things from being pregnant with Jax, and then I just wear McKay's shirts or pajamas!

  4. Always love your posts, sweet girl! You look fabulous! And 10 points to that husband of yours.

  5. You are such a beautiful pregnant mama. I would be lucky if I looked as great as you!

  6. That is hilarious about plugging your belly button. Hahaha. You look so great!

  7. i looove when you post! you look so great! I can't wait to see pics of the newest baby :)


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