Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sooo in high school, did you ever...

All Mormon girls should know one sure-fire way to make a boy cry in high school: you watch Charly with him. It's a sad movie that makes him sappy, cuddly, (because what girl isn't already both of those things at 17-years-old), and forced to share something with you that probably only his mom has seen. His tears. It's depressing and sad and magicalll and it brings you closer. And then you share lots of emotions and sadness and probably one promise: that you won't tell his friends. And then you have a secret and a special little bond that is just yours and his. Then when that bond ends, you watch Charly with someone else. And you pretty much keep repeating that until you get married. (just kidding. McKay would never watch it with me).

Tonight McKay and I had our first date night in forever. Our anniversary was on the 31st of last month. We never celebrate our anniversary. It is right after Jax's birthday and McKay's birthday and by the end of July we are always poor and tired- but we called tonight our "anniversary date," and it was perfect. It was kind of like a celebration of normality. Back to normal life, and it feels so good. I am pretending McKay doesn't have to leave this weekend. I am looking straight past that into next week when there will be nothing abnormal. Just monotonous bliss until the baby is born- (which will be the very best kind of bliss). We went to my favorite restaurant and then we picked Jax up from my mom and came home. Then we laid on our bed and posed for pictures and Jax poured "ornch juishh" in my hair and on our bedding. And then we put Jax to bed and found the married level of CharlyHotel Rwanda

McKay never cries, ever. He would kill me for saying this, but I saw him cry way more in the six months we dated than I have ever seen him cry in the three years we've been married. Not like I want him to cry, I guess...but it's kind of nice in a bringing-us-closer kind of way. And if it's just about something fictional know...not really worrisome, then it can be nice. And I cry EVERY day. Not in a miserable way, just at cute commercials, cute moments with Jax, sometimes when I do something really nice for someone that impresses myself, I get a little teary-eyed if McKay notices (is that weird?) but I am pregnant! I cry all the time about everything. 

So tonight we browsed Netflix and decided to watch Hotel Rwanda. I usually like movies like that- they are interesting to me. But since becoming a mom, I cannot stand sad things that involve kids. It's way too personal now. I watch them, but I don't want to, but I do. Does that make sense? I am the same with books (I just finished The sad but so good). McKay had seen the movie before, and warned me that it was sad. But I said, that's fine! and got into position on the couch- while McKay got into position on the floor (because it's too hot up here. I'm really not that mean!) and then we pushed "play." At a time of night when both of us (ESPECIALLY McKay) would usually fall asleep, we stayed awake. Instead of staying in our usual positions, we both ended up sitting on the ground, cuddled together. And instead of just me crying- we both did. And it was such a great moment and we hugged and talked about our family and the world and then went to Jax's room and stared at him in his crib and cried more. Well I did- I don't know if McKay did because it was too dark to see. But that's what I like to imagine. 

Following that, we had to watch The Office. That's what we do whenever we watch something sad or scary- or something that just makes is feel gross like Hoarders or something. We watch The Office and laugh and then McKay peacefully falls asleep on the couch and it is back to normal life. 
Here is is now:

So peaceful.

I love you McKay and I love date night!


  1. I cry at things easily, too. Last week, I was tearing up at the beginning of "The Blind Side" because I can't even imagine not having a family or a home to sleep in and sleeping at the gym at Thanksgiving because it's warm. AGGGHH. Even now, just thinking about it, I want to cry! I better not watch "Hotel Rwanda."

  2. ALI! How I've missed you and your sweet family! I need to like actually catch up on your blog (I've been reading on and off).

    I have always wanted to watch Hotel Rwanda but now I'll have to make sure it's at a good time. And plan on watching The Office afterwards too. I used to never cry at all but in the past couple years I've become more "in touch with my emotions" (emotional) so now I'd say I cry more than Hunter. Sometimes. Can't wait to see the new little guy, btw :)

    perfectly priya


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