Friday, October 5, 2012

It's Time

Fall is here, 
and with all my enthusiasm for colder weather, warm drinks and pumpkin-flavored things, I cannot bring myself to take down spring stuff in my house. I love spring things. Almost every morning, I go in to our kitchen, grab a bowl of cereal and sit in a chair by the window in our living room. It just starts my day off right. The sun is shining, the feeling is happy and everything is clean and bright.
Call me crazy, but I really don't love Fall decor
And maybe, the real reason is because last winter our living room was the color of an adobe house.
Anyone have cute Fall/Winter ideas?

Anyways, this weekend- spring stuff is coming down.
I got some Halloween stuff- it's white and black (no orange)...just like I like it.

goodbye spring/summer

P.S. I really don't know how to take indoor pictures

And to get into the real spirit of things, I even tried to gather leaves to throw in photos.


but it ended up just looking really awkward.


  1. a beautiful, perfect home. should I have expected anything less? no.

  2. Great pictures! love the pants:)

  3. i love your jeans! so pretty! beautiful photos :)

  4. I love your cute house and photos of your baby boy! You guys are an adorable little family. You have absolutely inspired me to make some changes in my house! I am a new follower and would love for you to check out my blog as well!

  5. I love your outfit! You look stunning <3<3 And these photos- adorable!

  6. All the details you shared are so personal and beautiful.

  7. i am loving your pants!!! floral jeans are so in right now, you look great. i also like your living room. white is such a great colors. it's clean and nice looking.

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  8. Wow I love those shots of your house - it looks so nice! I think you definitely can take indoor photos :)

    Life etc

  9. beautiful wall collage of photos! your home seems so nice and cozy. lucky family :)

  10. nice floral jeans!

  11. wow is that your indoor decor?! it's only a portion of your house and I love it! also I agree with you with fall decor...I'm not a huge fan of orange and brown. I would much rather stick to the white theme for winter, and sometimes even spring!
    I'm not sure if this a decor idea, but I am planning to spray paint some of my empty bottles a nice white color to scatter around my room :) just a small decor project ;)


  12. ah LOVE your outfit- you are adorable! and I can totally see why you kept your decorations up, they're so cute!! I have no ideas as for fall/winter decor... spring is definitely more easy and fun! But if you come up with some, you should post them-- I'd love to see!

  13. Haha! LOL on the last two pics. Love the pictures!

  14. I'm planning on eating so much pumpkin that I turn orange! ;)

    Also, great job gathering leaves... lol! You are too cute!

  15. You are so funny! Love the last 2 pics.

    Your home looks beautiful, the styling is simple but very pretty.

  16. I love the polka dot sweater! It looks awesome with the floral pants!

    A's Fashion Files
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  17. The combo of that sweater with those pants is fab - I love the print mixing!


  18. You look adorable! And I completely agree, for some reason Fall looks better outside than in! I really am happy it is starting to cool down!

  19. you are so cute! and oh my gosh is that your house!? it looks like a magazine!

  20. Your house decor is fantastic! Like heck you can't take pictures inside! I love it all!! As far as fall/winter goes, just think pumpkin everything. And those cool colorful Indian corn cobs. You are rockin' those floral jeans, I love them!

    perfectly priya

  21. LOVE your house! painting the celing in the baby room is awesome.. I am SOOO badly missing owning my own home.. renting is kinda lame. You should start a house blog and a fashion blog etc etc. Just blog all day for us :)


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