Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Right Now

(this honestly has nothing to do with this post.)

Shirt: Free People (stolen from g-ma); Vest: Nords; Pants: Citizens; Boots: Two Lips (so old)

Sometimes blogging with a baby is easy. Everything flows. Baby is happy (or sleeping), you grab your computer, spill your thoughts, post some pictures and it's all good. Other days, it's hard. 
Like today.
I have been sitting on my bed, computer-on-lap for an upwards of thirty minutes.
The munchkin next to me has been wreaking havoc- squeezing a juice box, closing the screen and kicking my arm. (and I seriously had to just google "wreaking havoc" to make sure I was using it correctly)
The guy just needed his momma. Right then.
And his momma forgot exactly what she was going to write.

I try to blog honestly. I mean, I want to look back and be able to see and remember our life. Real life. And this is my real life today- right now.

And this is just for you:

And in case you're wondering about my random, unfiltered, unformulated thoughts, here they are...

Red lipstick- I want to get some. I have always thought well when I'm older and it's appropriate. And I just realized- I am older. I need to get some. Fun fact: You can turn in empty Mac containers to Mac and get a free lipstick.  I think it's eight empty Mac containers.

*correction (thank you Bridget!) It's only six. Even better!

Crock pot lovin'- I am lovin' on my crock pot today. It makes everything lots and lots easier. Gosh, I really do hate making dinner. Would the younger (unrealistic) version of me be disappointed in that statement? Umm...for sure.

Mad Husband- Today McKay got mad at a Comcast woman on the phone. I mean, he was mad. McKay doesn't get mad at strangers. Ever. I am always the one to reach over and honk the horn when he's driving and someone cuts us off or other things of that nature. I am a bad influence I guess. Anyways- today he was mad and it was weird. He threatened to cancel our cable. I had a small panic-attack inside (because Gossip Girl is starting soon).

that's all.


  1. brightly-hued lipsticks are such pick-me-uppers. i think you'll look ravishing in red. : ) and i could be totally wrong, but i think you only need 6 containers! i think. and i'm such a lipstick fiend, i never knew lipstick wasn't the only option -- last time i got an eyeshadow instead. : )

    1. Are you serious?! I am so glad you told me! I would much rather have eyeshadow! And 6 is wayyy better than 8!

  2. Hahaha I laughed out loud about your last comment - about having a small panic attack because gossip girl is starting! Girl after my own heart. And I love how honestly you blog - it's not just for readers but for you :)

    Life etc

  3. love your boots :))) You have a great style and a really cool kid :)))

    Would be great if we followed each other, don't you think so ? :)


  4. Ah Jax is so cute!! Blogs posts are way better if they're real!


  5. TOOOOO cute! what a sweet post.

    and thank you so much for your comment! made my day : ) loving your style as well, girl!


  6. too funny! great real life pics!

  7. Love the pics of your baby! He is so cute!! And I laughed a little at your last comment---because I've also been counting down the days to Gossip Girl!
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  8. Love it, Ali! I totally know what you mean about having an agenda and cute baby needing mom :). And maybe McKay's assertiveness will get you a better deal on cable and then, Gossip Girl will be even more enjoyable! :)

  9. this post just makes me smile :) mom + child photos are the best <3

  10. Great blog!!! following now:)

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  11. how cute is this baby!! <3. would you like to follow each other?

  12. Gorgeous little baby! I'm thinking of getting myself a red lipstick too, for similar reasons (i'm old enough to carry it off i think)

  13. lolol about the "Gossip Girl" comment. hahahah! Love the way you wrapped up that little story.

    I'm sorry you wasted so much time thinking what to write when what you "settled for" (those images!) are SOOO darling and cute. I love this little post because it does do just want you wanted your blog to do but thought you couldn't verbalize: a glimpse of your life.

  14. Those pictures are just pure cutness:) The fall outfit is just perfect!

  15. Hahha, I've gor 2-years-old sister and she seems to be as much adorable as your son :)

  16. Well, I didn't want to comment on all of these but: GO RED LIPSTICK! I can guarantee, you will look fab. Waiting for those pics Ali!

    perfectly priya


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