Saturday, March 18, 2017


(Dad calls you "Cash Money") Did you know that you have the coolest name ever? Dad fantasizes about all the cool names your friends will call you when you "play sports." We wanted you to have a really cool name! ;)


play with my hair the entire time you nurse. It actually really hurts because you like to grab little strands and yank it with your sticky little hands! But whenever I say "OW!" you look up at me and smile and that's pretty much worth it!

really struggle picking up food! It's so funny because you know how to do it, but somehow SO MUCH food ends up stuck to your little bum! If I put food in your mouth, you like to grab it out and put it back in yourself. I am always amazed at the mess you can make with one goldfish!

have smacked your head more than either of your brothers. For some reason, you hit your head all the  time. Today was my fault. I put you on the couch with Jax and Jonah and you were all watching a movie so cute...I didn't even imagine you falling...but you did. And I felt SO bad! You fell head first and hit your head on our hardwood. You didn't cry for long but I have been worried and felt bad about it all day.

Love your brothers! It's so cute because you are starting to get obsessed with Jonah! You grab his cheek and you kiss him (bite him) all over his face! He loves it so much, he just cringes and lets you do it! You are so so loved!

HATE HATE HATE HATE getting dressed! You arch your back and cry and kick me with your legs! You're actually really strong so it does make it hard hahahah. And you hate getting changed! But you hate getting dressed more.

are starting to fall asleep in random places! You have never really done this...but you fell asleep on the floor once (last week I think...?) And I was shocked! You are still a light sleeper and really hard to transfer! I could NEVER carry you from your carseat to your crib. The minute I open the car door you are usually awake.

hate the car in the dark. You scream your head off!

are kind of a daddy's boy....(little stinker!) When he gets home from work, you start bouncing in my arms and reaching for him. Sometimes you start whining for him just hearing his voice!

looooove to tear up books! Sometimes when I need you entertained, I just give you a magazine and let you rip it up!

don't eat as much anymore. There was a time where you ate a ton and pretty much everything, but you are starting to get more picky.

still have two teeth! No others popping through yet!

are a frequent nurser! I'm not sure how we are ever going to stop. Nursing is your go-to for comfort, boredom, going to sleep, etc. etc. etc. You love to nurse!

sleep pretty much the entire night! You are a night owl...but when you go to bed, you sleep so well in your crib! You sometimes wake up really early in the morning and then you sleep in my bed with me! You usually sleep till 8ish.

are super easy during church! You just sit on our laps or stand up and hold onto the bench behind us. A few weeks ago though, I put you on the ground and you crawled like six rows back in about ten seconds! I was looking all around for you and I couldn't believe how far you got!


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