Sunday, March 26, 2017

Hawaii 2017

The ONE day I took pictures! I bad. I am the worst at hauling my big camera around and then after the fact, I wish I would have. I have been all about just living in the moment lately (but then after the moment, it kind of sucks not to have the pictures!). Anyways- our trip to Hawaii this year was food, spending time together, food, cuddling babies, and FOOD. Cody at one point goes, "You guys are food people, huh?" hahaha. The weather was so pretty- not swimming weather though. We spent a lot of time walking around and seeing places we didn't see. Totally different from last year when we spent 80% of the time at the pool. The boys are at such fu ages. They were a BREEZE on the plane. Seriously so stinking easy. We got there just before Cody and Haley and Chad. It's always the best to all be together. Jax and Jonah couldn't wait to swim. The pool had a waterslide and Jax had no fear. He is a kind of an adrenaline junkie. I think he would do just about anything. I mostly sat in the hot tub with Cash and usually an orange (it was our tradition to be in the hot tub together and eat an orange- me and the boys). McKay and I spent lots of time searching for the "best food" on Maui and I seriously think we found some of it. Grandpa and grandma found out they could come at the last minute when grandpa was cleared by his Dr. He's so stinking tough. Who has open-heat-surgery and goes to Hawaii four weeks later? haha. Chad struggled slightly being at the "awkward age." Not married yet but too old to hang out with the kids. Jake was at the awkward age too. It will be better when Tanner and Jared are back hahaha. 

Jax brought his camera and took pictures the entire time. He and Jonah were in heaven having Lexi and Laci within walking distance for an entire week. The three littlest (before Cash) drank smoothies on the porch, played hide-and-go-seek, etc. Kid heaven. 

The highlight of the trip was Sunday at church. After Sacrament was over, Jax asked immediately if he could go to Primary. The rest of the family left after sacrament, but our little example got the five of us to stay. We're really glad we did. And Jax had NO fear in Primary. Walked right in and sat in the front row. Love that guy. Jonah slept on us in Sunday School. haha.

On this day we went on a hike (haha I think it was like .23 miles...?) We got up early and got donuts on the way (the reason I went...jk) at one of the "best" places. The boys were so cute. Jax carried his polaroid and tool pictures the whole time. He would tell Jonah to pose and Jonah would do his very best smile and Jax would tell him to "SMILE NORMAL JONAH." I think about 80% of this trip I was just thinking how stinking cute my kids are and how much I love them. The other 20% was spent convincing my brothers to hurry the freak up and give me some nieces and nephews. 

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