Tuesday, October 18, 2016

On our way to Conference!

We went to General Conference this month. We drove through Boise and stayed the night at grammy and Tony's and then the next day headed to Utah! We love Utah. I don't know why. Probably because most of our best friends are there (and the food...duh). We stayed with Jason and Jan this time. Highlight of that was the Aquarium. The boys LOVED it. And it was so fun to watch them love it. Whenever we drive away from Utah we have to justify to ourselves why we would never live there, but I think both of us secretly love some parts of it. For me, it's the friends and all the people who are so much like us. I don't think I could raise a family there though. And whenever we reach all the green trees and mountains, we are almost home and it's like a breath of fresh air. It is kind of weird thought that Utah is one of our favorite vacay spots. haha. Oh and these pics were in Idaho. We were on our way to Boise and the sun was setting and McKay notices how pretty the sky was and pulled over! We all got out and enjoyed it for a while. Then we got in our car to like 23487293 bugs. It was kind of not worth it. I am a more enjoy-nature-from-inside kind of girl anyways. hahahaha. Don't tell anyone I said that. Hiking is the cool thing right now.

Cody, Haley, and Chad all drove from Rexburg to meet us in Utah. My mom, Lexi and Laci drove from Washington the day (or two, I don't remember) after us. My mom's car broke down like an hour away from Salt Lake. It was so sad hahaha. McKay had to go get her. Sadly, I was stuck at City Creek with just Cash and my wallet. It was pretty much my favorite part of the entire trip. A whole two hours to shop and be with my baby. Just kidding, my favorite part was conference. Really.

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