Thursday, November 10, 2016

Five Months (and Four!)

Five months with our little sunshine boy! We call you that because you are the sunshine of our home. When everything seems crazy and chaotic we just look at you and you smile big and remind us how lucky we all are to have each other. You have been mommy's sidekick and a serious trooper. You are in your carseat every day because we take Jax to preschool and I feel bad waking you up so much to put you in (and take you out) of the car, but you are happy through it all! One time I walked over to your side of the car to get you out (I thought you were sleeping) and slid the door open to see you looking at me with a huge grin! You're my little guy and I could never imagine my life without you. Your brothers and daddy love you too. I am constantly telling Jonah to "be soft" and "be careful" and "put him down!" but none of us can get enough! 

You are four and five months:

-A little while after you turned four months (maybe closer to five) I gave you your first taste of rice cereal. You HATED it! You got the funniest expression and spit it right out! Your little eyebrows go up and you just look me right in the face. It's the cutest thing! I thought you would get used to it, but you didn't. You still hate cereal! We've tried rice, multigrain and oatmeal and you hate them all! haha! I'm thinking it's the texture that you don't like. Your first fruit was peaches and you ate them a couple times, but now I can't get you to eat them again. I haven't figures out yet if you're picky with food, or just picky with when you're fed. Sometimes you eat a ton and sometimes you won't eat much. You usually like to eat at night and you'll eat a lot. Mornings...not so much. Your favorite foods are sweet potatoes, bananas, peas, and carrots. I also gave you homemade stew and chicken noodle soup and you LOVED those. Whenever we are eating you get really excited and start moving all around. I think you just want grown up food! We just need some teeth to come in! 

-Speaking of teeth, I think you have been teething for like two months! I feel so bad. You have given me two hickeys biting and sucking on my neck! You can stick almost your entire fist in your mouth. I think they are working their way up, but nothing has popped through yet. I feel so bad. You had a while where we were giving you Tylenol at night because you seemed like you were in so much pain, but that has mostly passed. 

-You are a good sleeper! We have had some crazy spurts this last month (like up every 30 min to nurse!), but usually you just wake up once or twice a night. You sleep with mom and we cuddle all night. It's one of the things I look forward to the most every day. If you're a little restless, I just put my face next to yours and you calm down and we fall asleep together. It's been our special thing since you were a newborn. I can't imagine ever putting you in your crib.

-You do really good in your carseat and really good in a stroller. We have taken a couple road trips with you and you don't like to be in the car for long periods of time. Mommy held you and nursed you a lot. A lot of the time, you were happy with me just next to you. Your brothers love to talk to you in the car. Jax sits right behind you and he loves to make you laugh and smile when we're driving! You almost always fall asleep in the car but you wake up usually when I get you out. You are a pretty light little sleeper!

-You are in 6-12 month old clothes! You are growing just like your brothers. You are skinnier like Jax and are in the 30th percentile for height and weight. Your head is larger though- just like all the rest of us in the family! :)

-You have started arching your back when you want to be picked up! I love it! You also arch your back when someone else is holding you and you want me. Sometimes you just lean your whole body! I love it! I can't wait for you to start reaching for me. 

-You love Tylenol and your vitamins! You're my first baby that does!

-You love to see yourself in the mirror! We have this mirror in our hallways downstair and we stop all the time and look at your. As soon as your see yourself and mommy you get the biggest smile! 

-You don't really care about holding things yet. We give you stuff sometimes to hold and you stick it in your mouth and then usually drop it! Your favorite thing to grab and hold is mom's hair!

-You love your brothers! One of your favorite things to do is sit on the beanbag chair and watch them play. Sometimes if I have to put you down to do something, I stick you in that chair and you are almost always happy in it.

-This last month you fell off the counter in your bouncer. It was one of the scariest moments for me! I couldn't get you to calm down until finally I got in the bath with you and you fell asleep on me (which scared me too) so we went to the doctor. You were fine, but I could tell your head was sore. You were such a trooper through it all. Mom just cuddled you and held you pretty much non-stop and you were normal the next day. We don't put the bouncer on the counter anymore! 

-(Besides that last thing) there has never been a time when I couldn't get you to calm down. You usually just want to be held or nurse. You LOVE to nurse and are a really good nurser. Sometimes you aren't even hungry you just want to nurse! And that is totally fine with me, because I love to nurse you! Sometimes we sit on the rocking chair in your room (and we don't tell the other boys where we are) and we just nurse and rock. Those have been some of my favorite moments with you. 

-You are starting to like to be held standing up! It's so funny because as I type this, you are on my lap and you are arching your back, wanting me to stand up with you! haha

-You LOVE to be swaddled! It's so funny because I've never regularly swaddled you, but I've noticed it's something that you love haha. You can be really fussy and I'll lay you on a blanket and start to swaddle you and you immediately smile! It's like you know you're about to be really secure and warm! Then I usually hold you and put our faces together and you fall asleep on mommy!


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