Sunday, September 4, 2016

3! 3! 3!

Oh Cashy Cash! In this last month, you have grown so much! And as I typed that, I wasn't even (that) sad (but I was a little sad) BUT it's okay because you are just so much fun and I would never want to go backwards. Today we were sitting in Sunday School at the Pinkhouse and daddy looked at me and said that he felt so connected to you at three months because you are have so much personality already. Usually dad's first favorite age is like six months, but you are just so smiley and fun and silly- we can't get enough of you. When someone else is holding you, I love to walk to where you can see me because you get the biggest smile on your face. You know who I am. You know who daddy is too. When dad gets home from work and you hear his voice, you immediately smile. I still have a hard time sharing you! I'm trying to be really good at it, but when someone else is holding you for a long time, I miss you a lot. You are so so loved by so many people. I hope you always always know that. Your brothers want to hold you and kiss you and be near you every second. In fact, at your two month appointment, the nurse had to ask them to back up because they couldn't stop kissing you! I look at you and feel so grateful you have two older brothers who will protect you and love you always. You're our little guy and I'll always make sure you know how much you're loved!

At three months you:

LOVE LOVE LOVE baths. No matter what, no matter where, no matter how fussy of a day it has been, I stick you in the bath and you are a happy camper. You immediately smile! You kick in the bath now and I wonder if it's fun for you to feel the water splashing around you!

You don't mind your nose sucker anymore and it's hilarious to me because I feel like you are just so used to it now, you kind of just tolerate it hahaha. You kind of raise your eyebrows and look startled and you look be right in the eyes, but you don't cry, you just kind of bare it hahaha. It's so cute! I always kiss a ton afterwards and feel so bad!

Your favorite place to be if you have to be put down is Jax's beanbag. It's comfortable for you and I think you like it because you are secure in there. Jax likes to adjust you and it slightly scares me but you love sitting on the beanbag in the playroom and listening to Jax and Jonah play.

You love books! Lately I have been trying to read to you a lot every day and you love to be read to and look at the pictures. Usually you will sit calmly for one or two books. You also love the TV...haha. I never put you in front of it, but if any of us are watching it, you immediately turn your head and try to see the screen. Sometimes I just set you down the opposite way of the TV so you can't see it- but it's pretty funny how you like to look at it if you can!

If you are fussy and having a hard time going to sleep, you like to be swaddles (minus your arms). You are such a cuddler so you always sleep better too if I put a pillow or two on your sides. I think because you are so used to cuddling with me or dad!

You sleep with us and we cuddle every night. I push you up by my head and you always reach your hand out so it's touching my cheek or arm and that's how you sleep best. I love how much you love contact. It has comforted you since you were born and I love it so much.

We have never needed a swing with you! With your brothers I used it so much, and we sold ours before you were born. Grandma Pat offered to buy us a new one for a baby gift but you were such a good newborn, I didn't think I would need it- and I haven't! You are so easy and don't really need to be swung or rocked. You do like to be held, but you are totally content just sitting on our lap or cuddling on our shoulder or being right next to us and listening to us talk. When I'm making dinner, I just put you right next to me and we talk and you are usually happy. And you are such a good sleeper, so we have never needed one during the night.

On that are liking to be held more and more. It's kind of funny, and I don't mind at all. Sometimes Jax even helps and you love your brother. It's so sweet! We put you in the wrap on Jax once and you loved it! Sometimes he reads or sings to you too!

You usually only wake up once during the night! If it's more than once, it's like three times...but usually just once! You go to sleep for the night usually between 10 and 11 and you wake up at about 8. Then you take a nap around 10!

You are SO SMILEY when you wake up (and all the time) your uncles are so in love with you and always want to hold you because of how cute you are and how much you smile. You smile at strangers at stores all the time and it's so fun because they are so surprised that a baby so little is so alert and responsive. It's so much fun to just sit and talk to you. I love to just prop you on my legs when i'm sitting down and talk to you!

You laugh a lot! We can usually make you laugh whenever we try! You don't really laugh at peek-a-boo yet, but you laugh when we look away and then look at you really fast and say "I love you!"

You wear 3-6 month clothes and they're getting kind of small! In some brands you even wear 6-9!

You love the wrap still, but you get sick of it sometimes and want to just be held out. You are wanting to be held facing out more and more, but when you are tired, you like to lay on our shoulders and fall asleep.

You nap really well at home, but when we're not at home, you don't nap as well. I love how you know where home is. You immediately get content when we walk through our door and you are so much more comfortable there. I love that.

We love you Cash man!

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