Friday, July 15, 2016


Cashy boy!

You are TWO MONTHS today. I would never want to go backwards, but every day I soak you in as much as I can. I never want to forget you this little. You are still my cuddle bug. When we go places or when we are church, I put you in a little wrap on my chest and you just cuddle on me and sleep. I play with your little feet and your cute little head and you just sleep on my chest. It's one of my favorite things to do with you. My other favorite thing to do with you is pick you up under your arms so your cheeks squish on your shoulders and then I kiss the sides of your mouth and your cheeks over and over and over again and you smile HUGE the whole time. Today you smiled big when you were nursing for the first time. I have been waiting for that! You are a happy boy and we have a special little bond. I was thinking this month about how we have had so many special moments, just you and me. The first one was when I found out I was pregnant with you. I feel like we have had a special connection since then. I worried a lot about different things when I was pregnant with you and I'm just so happy I get to hold you and cuddle you and kiss you every day whenever I want! Sometimes I still can't believe you're here. I love you so much!

At two months you...

still sleep right next to me! In the middle of the night when you get fussy, I cuddle close to you so you can feel me right there and you usually fall right back to sleep. Sometimes all you need is to feel my hand on your arm and you are okay! Oh! And you wake up a lot more now during the night :) two or three times!

love love love your Solly wrap and baths- those are your two favorite things!

don't take long naps. Mostly you like to be held which I honestly love. I love that you want me to hold you more and you know when it's me picking you up. You will sleep for hours in the Solly wrap but not long on the couch or the bed or in your little seat. You like to be in the wrap, or held. Sometimes you will take a long nap, but during those times, your brother Jonah usually climbs on top of you and startles you and your arms go straight out at your sides because you get scared and you wake up...

are really calm on Jax! And sometimes on Jonah. Every morning, Jonah still sings you the morning song! When Jonah holds you, he likes to pat your stomach and move you a lot and you don't love it...haha. Jax loves to put blankets around you and prop you up "like a grown man," he did it once and you loved it, so whenever you're fussy and he's the one right next to you, he tried to do it to make you happy!

don't like daddy's beard... but he shaved it last night! Yay! It was so cute because he was holding you on the bed right after, kissing you, and talking about how smooth your skin was! It was the first time he felt it in two months!

know when we are home. You are definitely the most calm at home.

don't like to be held cradled like a little baby. You like to be up against my shoulder so you can look all around, but still be really close to me! I always stop in front of the mirror in our hall so I can look at your cute face squished on my shoulder!

your baby acne is all cleared up! Aquaphor is the best.

are in 0-3 and some 3-6 month old clothes. I got these really cute 3-6 month old clothes before you were born and the shirts looked so huge to me! I put one on you yesterday just to see how it looked and it TOTALLY fit! I couldn't believe it! You are still so tiny though!

are you chunky! I LOOOOVE IT. You have little arm rolls and I am in love with them! I kiss them all the time. I love changing your diaper too because I get to see your chubby little thighs. You have this little fuzzy hair on your arms and sometimes I can see it if we're in the right light and it makes me just want to eat you! I cannot get over how perfect you are. Sometimes at night when daddy and I are watching a movie I just can't stop staring at you and I turn to dad and say, don't you just want to stare at him?! How is he THIS cute and perfect?!! You are pretty cute and perfect!

really do not love your carseat! If you are tired and fall asleep, you are fine, but when you get mad, you are MAD. You have a different mad cry than your brothers. Yours sounds like you are grinding your teeth and you start blowing bubbles and your face gets really red! I usually just nurse you in a parking lot because your cry is sooo sad. When I walk over to your door I know your face is going to be red like a tomato with bubbles all over your chin and it always is! I get you out of your carseat as fast as I can! We did drive to the lake house though and you did soooo great on that trip! I held you and nursed you a couple times, but other than that, you were an angel baby!

love to lay chest-to-chest. It's my favorite way to hold you. Sometimes if I scoot you low, you look up at me and smile. Those have been some of my favorite moments with you.

If someone else is holding you and you hear my voice, you usually smile or try to turn your head to where I am. I love that you know who I am and usually want me. You are so easy though and are usually fine no matter who is holding you, but if you are fussy, you are only calm on me, sometimes even if I don't nurse you right away!

are starting to move your head a lot more. You turn it from side to side a lot better now and your neck is getting SO strong. We don't really do tummy time in our family because we hold you up against us so much that you so "tummy time" that way hahaha

Today it was so cute. We were eating pancakes for breakfast and I was sitting on the floor next to you because you were in your seat. I kept talking to you but you were looking a little lower than where my face was. But all of the sudden you found my face and you got the biggest smile! It was the best thing ever. It made me so happy!

We sure love you Cash. Dad said the other day "I don't even remember life without Cash." It's so true. We can't imagine life without you. So glad we finally have you in our home. You are so so loved.

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