Thursday, July 14, 2016


Shoot! I posted these pictures and then I forgot to write about the Fourth for so long! The Fourth is always one of my favorite holidays because all of us siblings and cousins are together at the lake for the first time in the summer (except for the ones on missions). The college kids always come. I remember brining McKay when we were engaged to the lake when I was in college. This year was the same and so much fun. The family is getting so much bigger, sometimes it feels like we are two separate families, but we always get together for meals and card games (which I don't play usually) and sports. This year I was actually included in sports which was abnormal. Grandpa has worked for months and months on the huge tennis court and we all drove down the hill to the house and were like in shock because it looks like a court that like professionals would play on. That may sound like an exaggeration but i'm not kidding. It's insane. So so cool. McKay and I are trying to change my label from "ditz who sucks at sports and is always last picked" to "surprisingly good and underestimated." I practiced tennis with McKay a lot this weekend and kind of got better but not really. Jax and Jonah loved the water and the waverunners. They loved the trampoline too and Jax started doing front flips which freaks me out! We ran through the sprinklers and rode the quads and played at the pond. The boys LOVED feeding the turtles! This was Cash's first time at the lake too and he was so cute. We would just lay with him in the shade by the water and he would fall asleep on the blanket. I just tried to soak him in as much as I could. He rode the boat too and wore a lifejacket and was so cute and such a trooper. He didn't even cry until he got splashed by a giant wave that pretty much flooded the boat. I just carried him around and cuddled him pretty much the whole time. He bathed in the sink- pinkhouse tradition. Grandma made really good pies! My favorite thing about the Fourth! Pies are even better than the fireworks ;)

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