Thursday, June 23, 2016

On a bridge with my baby

I have never scheduled newborn pics with any of my babies, except for Jax. It's kind of sad and irresponsible but also, I think maybe it's subconsciously because my experience with Jax's newborn pics pretty much scarred me for life, haha. I won't say her name (cause I am super nice) but we had this lady take these portrait-style pics. She did it at her house. (She was actually really good and I love the photos of Jax.) But ANYWAYS, being the new, not-confident, don't-quite-know-how-to-comfort-my-baby-every-second-yet mom that I was, I could not get Jax to fall asleep for the session-so she had to take pictures in short, panicked, very time-sensitive spurts and I think that frustrated her. So then, after a couple hours of frustration she blurted, "HE IS THE SADDEST NEWBORN I HAVE EVER SEEN!" And it completely crushed me because I was desperately trying  to do everything I possibly could to comfort and console my brand new newborn and I just couldn't. I held it together for the rest of the session, but right when we got in the car I started bawling and I held him on my chest the entire way home (which I know, that's bad). And he was completely calm and he fell asleep on me. We just needed to get out of there. It was just awful. 

But I am a strong believer in a baby's ability to sense calm. Which is one of the reasons that I loved this newborn session we did, just as a family. We brought a tripod but never got it out because we had parked illegally and were rushing of course! I'm kind of sad we have no pics of the five of us. But Cash was totally happy and these were genuine sweet moments I never want to forget. We made him be naked under that little romper and he was such a trooper! Story of his life. Trooper easy baby boy. We love our Cashy-Cash. 

And FYI I did put him in his carseat after this non-traumatizing session. ;) 


  1. #1 these shots are seriously STUNNING! <3 <3
    #2 i need to know where your dress is from!
    #3 WHAT?!?! what kind of photographer says that? ugh. so frustrating, and i think it is so great that y'all did these on your own, without stress, and were able to enjoy it (even if parked illegally haha)

    1. You are so sweet! Thank you!! The dress is Free People! It's actually pretty old! It's called the The First Kiss Dress and they have new versions of it every season! And I know.. That photographer was not my fave! Hahahaha

  2. i have never done newborn sessions.... wish i would've but just never have. and i wish i knew how to edit pictures so i could just do it myself!!! haha. anyway...these are beautiful.


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