Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Worst Sunday Dinner of My Life

Jax has been saying the creepiest things lately. He has a new habit at the dinner table of talking about death. It's lovely. I'm not sure if it's because we've been talking about the resurrection since Easter is coming up or what...but it's weird. It makes me feel weird and depressed and helpless. Today I was downstairs and Jax was upstairs in his room and he yelled down something like "MOM! I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL I DIE" so I said back "umm...WHAT?! WHY?!" And he said "Because then I can go to heaven!" These great convos have been happening a lot. I feel super uncomfortable with them. McKay thinks it's sweet or something. Sunday we were sitting down together having a family dinner and JAx randomly goes. "Dad...when will we die?" and so I quickly interjected "NOT FOR A LONG LONG TIME" then McKay said something about how he would die first and Jax said "Dad, can you save me a spot next to you?" And i'm not even kidding, it was all I could do to not to start crying. I almost had to leave the table. I'm dead serious. McKay kept looking at me and going AW! And I was really mad inside. McKay has this weird thing where he feels close to me when I cry and okay...I get that when you are DATING. Crying is like this bonding cute thing that brings you closer...but not when you have been married for five years and your three year old is talking like that at the dinner table. In conclusion: LET'S JUST END ALL CONVERSATIONS ON DEATH. THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT.


  1. oh bless.
    that would be such a mix of emotions to even attempt to swallow.
    because Jax is starting to understand more about Jesus...but in the same breath hearing your child talking about their own, oh man.


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