Sunday, March 29, 2015

Seems like a good time for a catch-up! Lazy Sunday afternoon- McKay is sleeping on the chair and boys are watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I guess it's technically a classic...maybe? But I really don't know how my kids (or McKay) can sit through this thing! The songs. Ahh! ANWAYS. It's almost Easter! Next week is Easter Sunday and General Conference! And I totally forgot to dress my kiddos in Easter clothes. Oh well. Jax started swimming lessons two months ago. I reluctantly signed him up again for this month. He just loves it so much. He's more confident. It at EIGHT FOURTY IN THE MORNING. I am probably going to die but that okay. I used to do early morning seminary...I can do this. I am drawing out this be-as-slow-as-I-want-in-the-morning time before Jax starts school for a loooooooooong as possible. I really don't know how I went to seminary.

Jax loves swimming lessons and coloring. Those are probably his two favorite things to do. Lately though he has a habit of coloring hard in one spot until the paper breaks and then eventually he just ditches the paper and colors all over the counter- so I try really hard to avoid art projects now. But most of the time, Sister Hinckley's advice to say yes as often as you can pops in to my mind and I feel guilty and hand over the markers...or Play Doh. He's super sweet. He says, "I love you" "I love you the most" all the time and sometimes he will say things like "You're a really great mom" or "That was such a fun day!" Or sometimes when people leave our house he will say so and so "Is so nice." I love his personality. He can also be a stinker. His swear word is "stupid." If he's super super mad at me, he will call me a "stupid rat." Umm...? No idea where he got that! It's really really hard not to laugh. He's really scared of bugs. He screams at the top of his lungs. Like painfully high whenever there is a bug. A couple weeks ago he was on the toilet and there was a bug flying around and he was screaming his head off. It was so sad, but so funny. He loves his brother. Ever night before bed they have a special make out sesh. I think it's the cutest thing. They are so little, who cares if they have seven-second kisses? McKay, on the other hand, gets a little uncomfortable hahaha. Yesterday we were listening to their conversation in the bath and Jax goes, "Jonah!! Marry me!!" They are so in love with each other. It's the cutest thing. Jax gave his first talk today in Primary. He did SO good. He spoke really loud and clear the whole time. He does good in Primary- especially with me in there. He listens to his teacher and stays in his seat.

Jones is starting to say lots and lots of words. His FAVORITE one by far is "no." He points his finger and goes "no, no," but it sounds more like "na! na!" He says it allllll the time. If we are taking him to his bed he goes "noooooo nooooooooooo." If Jax gets food and Jonah wants some he says it. He says it if he wants to play in the toilet and I move him. He says it all day! He also says: mom, dad, Jax, please, more, yes, book, ball, kitty, uh-oh, ei-ei-oh (side-note: he doesn't really do this anymore but he used to say ei-ei-oh in the middle of crying. so he would be like "ahhhhhhhhhh eeeeeiiieiiiiioooohhhhh aaahhhh." McKay and I would die laughing every time. He says lots of other words that I can't think of. He folds his arms for prayer. He smacks his head on everything. He does this thing when he's really mad where he will just fall straight back. Today Jax pushed him into the clerks office at church and Jonah was embarrassed and scared/mad so he walked out and just fell straight backwards! It was so horrible! It's literally like the trust fall if no one catches you! That's what he does! He is stubborn. He loves to cuddle with Jax at night. After we read to them, Jonah climbs on top of Jax and puts his arms around his neck or on his cheeks and they start hugging and smooching! Jonah loves to eat and drink. They are his favorite things to do. He could eat all day. He hates being left outside of a room. There are times when I need him out of the room I am in (life vacuuming behind a door) and he looses it. He is a momma's boy and I love it. But if McKay is home, McKay wins half the time. Jones still likes to be held, which is why I can't quite image having a newborn yet... :/

more later.

*shoot, I just realized that I repeated myself a ton in this most. I need to blog more! hahaha


  1. Cute! And why do kids have to say the cutest meanest things ever...Jax wins with stupid rat said in his ridiculously adorable voice -that is not funny but oh so hilarious!

  2. you have such a beautiful family!

  3. STUPID RAT. hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaaa


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