Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring Break

For spring break this year we went to the lake house! It was semi-cold, but of course both my kiddos wanted to strip down and get in the water. I think they're nuts. I absolutely hate anything cold. Even in the summer, i don't love going in the cold water. Not my thing. But my kids love it. We were there two days before everything else got there. Just us and grandma and grandpa. Grandpa took McKay fishing those first two mornings- McKay is being initiated into the real-man-hunting-fishing club. At first, he didn't even get invited on these adventures so going fishing means he's getting cool. Plus my grandpa loves teaching the boys these things so it's cute to watch him take McKay and teach him too. I stayed home with grandma and the boys. I don't know if it's the laziness in me or what, but I am still stuck in between those I'm-on-vacation-at-the-lakehouse and I'm-a-mom-now-there-are-no-vacations stages. It's a huge struggle for me. I get there and want to just lie on the couch and eat like i did from ages 3-20, but I can't because now I'm a mom, so i reluctantly put on sandals and walk down to the water. I know I am such a bad mom. I'm hoping this summer I can just embrace the nature and ALSO McKay and I are on our second week of Insanity so I think that after this I will have more energy to be adventurous! 
The boys are at the best ages- watch, in two years I will say the same thing! They are so hilarious. Jax is turning into a real boy. To many, this stage would be disturbing, but to me, it's hilarious. Growing up with three little brothers, it's all very familiar. Hence, the nakedness and censor strips. I would seriously be rich if I had a dollar for every time I said "Jax! Those are your privates! Put them back in your pants! " 

Jax is still in swimming lessons (but we are quitting next month) but it is so funny because sometimes when he is rinsing off in the shower after his class (which takes forever because he LOVES the shower) the (older) lady aerobics class gets out and they all get in the very confined square shower area and just strip! So the other day I kind of casually grabbed Jax by the elbow and hurriedly rushed him out, afraid he would say something. The immature part of my brain was kind of laughing a little and I kind of laughed out loud quietly but I was the only mom doing it! Seriously so immature! But how can you not laugh when you are yanking your three-year-old out of a shower of naked old ladies?! SERIOUSLY. But they are all so sweet and nice and love the little kids. It's just funny. I don't know. SO ANYWAYS.

Jonah makes us laugh a lot lately. He is quite the chubby little goofball. Silly and really serious. Everyone who meets him thinks he is so serious! And he is a much more serious baby than Jax was. But he is so goofy at home. I always noticed that with Jax too. I love how my kids are always the silliest at home because that's where they are the most comfortable. His new word is "no." It's his response to everything. "Jonah, do you love mommy?!" "NO." "Jonah, do you want to eat?" "No." "Jonah, do you want to read a book?" "No." We've been training him for high school peer pressure. ha ha total mom joke. 

K so also McKay has a mustache. It's so awful and I hate it. The scary thing is that I know he actually likes it. The first night he had it, I could tell he was giddy and then last night he dyed it so it would be so pronounced. And you know how you go through those phases where you think your husband is so hot. Like obviously you always think they are so cute and handsome, but then sometimes you look at them and you are like "Holy cow, he is so freaking hot." I have just been going through one of those phases and to top it off, we went to see Cinderella and I looked at him during the movie and I really thought he looked like a prince! I told him and he laughed and thought it was so stupid but it was true, I really did. But now he has the mustache and he just looks like a scoutmaster. 

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  1. the last line killed me dead. "like a scoutmaster." hahahaha. DEAD.


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