Thursday, March 12, 2015


Where do I even start?! I feel like I have missed so much, it makes me sad.
Okay, right now Jonah is SICK. Like sick sick- fever, cuddly. will. not. sleep. He needs to be held all day at all times. It's so sad. Jax has never really been like that when he is sick. This is actually the first time Jonah has been really really sick. It's so sad. His big lips are all red and he is kind of moan-y because he doesn't feel good and it's just sad. The boys both end up in our bed every night. It's been going on for a while. We are off and on about it. Some nights I am just completely done with kids in our bed and some nights I secretly kinda like it. I get some satisfaction out of letting my kids do stuff I'm "not supposed" to let them do. Tonight Jax was crying at the top of the stairs when Jonah got to stay up with us. He said his feelings were hurt that Jonah was downstairs. These last two weeks...I don't know- but by the time 8:30 hits, I am just done. I actually am done way before that, but lucky for me, McKay kind of picks up the slack. But I wasn't nice enough to let Jax come down. I DID bring him up some chocolate and let him read books in our bed. SPEAKING OF- Costco has the coconut Lindt chocolates right now!!!!!! :) :) I eat them every time I feel exhausted/frustrated/hungry during the day. Today I ate like eight. One of the times I hid behind the island from the kids and ate one.
The kids are so funny so cute and so smart. Jax is kind of giving me a run for my money lately. He says "stupid" like it's a swear word. He has figured out what lying means so he will tell me something not true and then say "MOM I'M LYING" with a smile on his face. He is also obsessed with Jonah. He tells me, "MOM! I want to hold Jonah!" all the time. Jonah is saying a few words. He says "no." But it's more like "nooooow nooooooow noooooow" and sometimes when he's whining he goes "aaaahhhh eeeiii eeeiiii ooowwwww" Like from "The Farmer in the Dale." It's so funny. Jonah also never stops eating.
I am planning to do some updating this week. But I will just say that we are happy where we are at. We are happy and busy anddddd to be continued...


  1. Those pictures are absolutely stunning! Your family is precious!

  2. the pictures, ali the pictures, SO LOVELY!
    sounds like you've had your hand fulls recently - in the best possible way.
    i hope jonah starts feeling betteer - sick babies are so pitiful. :(

  3. seriously love these pictures. adorable. also grant has not yet been sick...he's not even really a grumpy i'm kind of nervous for that sick thing to happen.....


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