Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Don't forget!

I don't have pictures or anything to go with this! Bummerrrrr. But I wanted to jot down a few things about the kiddos. All day I follow my kids around the house and think I can't forget that! And shoot! I never write any of this down!

Lately it has been foggy in the morning lately and Jax looks out the loft window and says "mom it's really froggy today."

Yesterday Jax wanted Jonah to fall asleep in the teepee and I was kind of half paying attention cause I was doing primary stuff. All the sudden Jonah was crying and I looked over and Jax was smacking his back going "GO TO SLEEP JONAH." So I went over there and grabbed Jax and said something like  Jax, we never ever hit. Never. Do mommy and daddy hit you when we want you to go to sleep? no we don't. hitting isn't nice.  And Jax responded "YES YOU DO." So i said no we don't.  And Jax said "YES YOU DO MOM .YOU DO." He's talks back a lot now though! 80% funny.

Jax plays a new game in the tup where he gets a washcloth wet and throws it at the wall of the bathtub. He named it "fitch ball."

JOnah loves to kiss. He goes on little kissing rampages every day. He opens his mouth wide and we all just freeze, waiting for our turn. We try to not to move because we don't want him to stop. His favorite person to kiss is Jax and Jax loves it.

Jax has started saying "mom I have a great idea!"

Jonah has started dancing and he head-bangs really stiffly and it's hilarious

Jonah will not go down the stairs the right way. He has to be totally standing up and holds on to the rails and steps down each step facing forward like an adult. It's really really scary

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