Tuesday, December 23, 2014

little christmas elves!

well, actually the opposite of elves because they build nothing and destroy everything! ;)

at least his bruise matches his shirt right?! hahahahaha. these are photos from Sunday after church. We got home, kicked off our shoes (actually I had to lay on our bed while McKay yanked off my boots) and we all started taking off our church clothes so we could get into bed for our weekly after-church cuddle sesh where our kids climb over our faces and McKay and I look at each other and say "what was it like in college when we could nap whenever we wanted to....?" BUT I remembered that we hadn't taken any pictures in our Christmas church outfits and I know how much our cul-de-sac has missed hearing me yell "LOOK AT MOMMY! LOOK AT MOMMY!" and listening to my kids cry, sooo... I told McKay that everyone had to get dressed again really quick and we headed out to the front porch, to which he groaned and put on his church shirt and tie, but left on his bball shorts. Works for me!

This Sunday marked the beginning of my favorite week of the year. I love Christmas. It's my favorite holiday. There is just a special feeling in the month of December. Can't believe it's already here and before we know it, it will be gone! I am semi-excited for the drab months of January to April. They are always so boring and slow and RELAXING. I feel things will maybe slow down just a little. This has been a crazy year for our family. Jonah was born (well, over a year ago I guess) but it seemed like right after, we moved and stuff has been crazy ever since. Today I had a small moment where Jonah was sleeping, Jax was at the neighbors and I actually sat on the couch to watch TV and I thought to myself, I really miss this absent part of my life. Is that pathetic or relatable? 

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