Thursday, December 18, 2014

it's been too long since i've shown you guys some poop.

today was just not jonah's day.
or mine.

once upon a time, we woke up and ate breakfast and then we decided to get to work on our holiday to-do list (meaning that I put the boys in the playroom while I sat at the computer and picked pictures of my kids to put in frames and hand out as gifts...same every year). But before I did that, I sat and played with the boys for a while and I changed Jonah's diaper. I decided to let his buns air out, so I didn't put anything back on him. Then I went to our guest room where the computer was. I was working on picture stuff, the boys were playing. It was so peaceful. I could hear them- there was no crying or screaming. Jax was building stuff with his lincoln logs and Jonah was crawling around. After a while, I heard Jonah coming. He crawled to my leg and started climbing up. Then I smelled something- and right then, Jax screamed "MOMMMMM!!! JONAH POOPED." In that second I realized that I had never stuck a diaper back on Jones after I had taken one off. I walked out of the room to find tracks from where he started ( you know what I mean) to where he was.
I needed to make an action plan, so I stuck him in the bath. He pooped more in the bath. But finally after lots of scrubbing and crying and SCRUBBING we were all clean! There were actually a few moments where I laughed to myself and thought, this is my life and somehow I have gotten to a place where poop does not phase me. I'm not kidding! It doesn't! just puke..
Soon after that, my mom came to pick up Jax to take him on a grandma-Jax date. They went and got ice cream. I did a few things while Jonah napped and then showered and got ready for a VT appointment. The missionaries reminded us last night that we were feeding them tonight, so I was going to rush to that appointment and then go to the store and then go home. My mom had Jax so i thought it would be easy and kind of fun with just me and Jones. It reminded me of the days of just Jax and I. SO EASY WITH ONE KID. I HAD NO IDEA. We got to Fred Meyer at like five and I was rushing to get all my crap. I was finally done and was going to check out when I saw a man from my ward, but in an effort to not stop and talk for 15 minutes, I walked very swiftly around him so he wouldn't see me and shuffled to a check stand that had a small line so I could hide behind the rows. Well, we got there and I was unloading my stuff. Jonah was reaching for the Five Hour Energy, kind of stand-squatting. So as I unloaded I said jonesssss sit down buddy! sit on your bum. I say that like 1394085720945 times at the grocery store and my kids have never fallen out of a cart, so i guess i say it without umph now. Anyways- Jonah fell! I saw it. I don't know if I was reaching for him or was close to catching him or anything. It's just a blur. but I didn't catch him. He fell and he kind of rick-ached between our cart and the candy and gum. The woman in front of me was a panic-er. I kind of wanted to say can you just buy your stuff and LEAVE and not watch me try to comfort my screaming child.  Whenever my kids get hurt, I pick them up and take them away from people. I just think it's better that way. But in the grocery store I couldn't. A small asian family stopped to watch too. Jonah was so sad. I checked him everywhere and could only see a little mark on his head. He didn't plummet head-first really fast so I was hoping it wasn't that bad. But then I pulled him back from my shoulder and his nose was bleeding. And the lady in front of me said "his eye is swelling." The cashier was so nice. she reminded me of my mom because she was so calm. She handed me a paper towel for his nose and told me that her granddaughter had just fallen out of a cart like that at Target. She told me babies are tough. All cashiers working the family aisle should be just like her. Jonah was still crying, so I grabbed a pack of Skittles and ripped it open and after that, he stopped crying. Then we got in the car and went home. It's been swelling all night. Jonah has his first black eye. I feel terrible. Every time I look at him I just feel so bad. McKay was calm about it. He's been taking pictures of him all night. He says he'll think it's cool when he's older. but I don't think it's cool. i think it's sad. and I also don't think it's cool that now when old people touch my kids and nag me at stores about my children being bucked in and sitting down I can't say to them "MY KIDS HAVE NEVER FALLEN" ...because they have... :(


  1. oh Ali... ::hugs::
    that was not your day, at all.
    and poor jonah, he just needs a big ol' hug.
    Here's to hoping today is a brighter, and more beautiful day!

  2. oh no! poor thing. Colton had an accident where a mirror fell on his him and it left a huge scar on his foot. Every time I see that scar I cringe, still, 6 months later. At least a black eye wont be a scar! Just thinkin of the positive ;) things happen, you are a great mom! Glad he is ok!


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