Thursday, December 11, 2014


Before I closed my computer and got under my covers and stuck my cold feet right in-between McKay's legs I took a quick peek at a folder on my desktop called "Pictures I don't want to lose." It has most of my favorite pictures of Jonah from when he was a newborn. I am missing this. Jonah never cuddles me anymore. He likes his dad more. Tonight I went into his room as he was sleeping in his crib and looked longingly at him. He even woke up a little and me standing right there didn't even phase him. He just rolled right over and went back to sleep. I might have to get another newborn who likes me. (well, not quite yet.) But quitting nursing sucks. And we don't even say that word in our house. But it really S U C K S.


  1. Get preggers so we can have a babe the same age!!

  2. these pictures are SO CUTE!!!

  3. these are really good pictures! baby feet!!!


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