Thursday, September 18, 2014

The End of Summer

Tonight we finished Friday Night Lights. It's a sad day. McKay and I have been obsessed with it for months. I feel like McKay really learned to love life in the country- something I've always appreciated that he never understood. I just used to picture myself living in country songs so I think I've always had a feel for country life. haha. But still. Somehow, football has a whole new meaning to me. I get it now you guys. I might cry at my brother's game tomorrow night.

Today was the longest day in a long time. It rained and we went to the library. Everything is getting wetter and colder and darker. and I LOVE IT. I'm a true Seattle girl. I will miss nothing about the sun. My house will go back to being under 78 degrees. I will enjoy going on walks again. My kids will go to sleep earlier. I can drink hot chocolate and wear fuzzy socks. I can make pumpkin things. Everything's about to get warm and cozy and cheerful. I love this time of the year.

The only thing I will miss is Jonah's naked sandy dimpley bum.


  1. Oh my goodness we finished it too and I cried when it was over....for a good while. I was so attached to the characters and to football now too! I'm totally with you on that's our favorite show ever!!


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