Wednesday, September 17, 2014

the time we broke our house

Day two and I am kind of regretting this already. It's 11:28 and a couple minutes ago I said to McKay, crap! I have to write on my blog...what should I write about? And he said to write about how annoying it is that he falls asleep while we are hanging out every night. It's true. It is really annoying.

This morning we went to Costco and Winco to get food for the week. Then we rushed home so I could get the kiddos down for a nap. Routine is my new thing. I've never had one, but I am going to starting now. When they were both asleep I talked on the phone and got dinner ready and then McKay came home to try to figure out why our new hardwood floor was all cupping. I haven't written about many house projects- but literally- they never end. never. A few months ago whenever I swept, I would walk across this patch of floor that was a little rough. It was a characteristic of the floor I thought- it doesn't bug me, I thought. I actually didn't give it any thought. Then one day I decided to show McKay and long story short, we realized it was from water damage. So then McKay crawled under the house and found a puddle. And since then we have been wondering just what is going on. Have you ever wished you could just take an x-ray of your entire house? Weird thought, but I've been thinking about that. I wished we could just x-ray our house and see just what is causing the leak. But we can't. So yesterday a man came and sawed a piece of my kitchen floor off, and McKay began sawing down parts of the wall. Did I mention that we were finally almost done with the whole downstairs and this was like the one area that I was loving? It was.

On the wall that McKay began to saw were pictures that I loved and hung right when we moved in. Right when we hung them I thought to myself, now, this feels like home. Tonight McKay removed the pictures first- which revealed some nail holes. And then he went to the wall on the other side- which was in our bathroom to try to figure out where the leak had started. But do you know what we discovered? The leak started on the wall with the pictures. It started from a hole. A nail hole which we hammered right into a water pipe. Hammered by either me or McKay.

After that, I cleaned up downstairs and McKay bathed the kids and after I had had some time to myself for just a little bit, I went upstairs to find Jax and Jonah out of the bath, in jammies, in my room with McKay. Jonah had Jax's old pajamas on which are way too big for his legs but really warm and I just looked at my baby and said mckay look at him! Look at how cute he is. Oh my gosh, he is so cute. McKay had also brushed his hair into a combover. And I sat down next to him and he gave me a real hug with both arms. And I stared at my baby in awe of his perfectness. I thought to myself in that moment nothing matters but this! And that was the best part of my entire day.

the end


  1. Oh my gosh! I'm so glad you found the leak. I've wondered myself if I would hit any electrical or plumbing when I'm pounding nails or drilling holes. Hope it's an easy fix.

  2. Wow I am so glad you found that leak before it got worse.

  3. eeeek!
    i wouldn't have thought of htat - so glad y'all found it this early on!


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