Sunday, September 21, 2014

Phone dump

I had finally gotten both boys down for a nap and was probably all settled on the couch. All of the sudden I heard quiet banging (which meant Jax was awake) and then I heard Jonah screaming and Jax whispering (which meant he was in Jonah's room). I stomped up the stairs frustrated-ly and walked into Jonah's room to find Jax laying in Jonah's bed trying to help him fall asleep. He said he just wanted to "lay wif him." Cutest thing ever.

We have been going to the library on Thursdays since I chickened out on preschool. I figure if I was going to do four hours of preschool a week, one hour at the library and two hours in nursery is good enough. Not ready to let this munchkin leave me yet. He is so funny because he gets embarrassed when they have to dance or do silly things. He does this thing where he sticks out his bottom teeth whenever he gets nervous.

Sometimes when I am shopping at TJ Maxx and I feel like a boring mom I take my kids to the pet store right next door. It makes me feel less guilty. Last time we were there, Jax was literally scared of everything but the fish. This time he warmed up to the rodents. My mom has two guinea pigs and I swear I don't get it. I don't understand. I grew up with tons of pets and I am perfectly content with zero. McKay grew up with no pets and he wants a kitten so bad! It's hilarious.  

My grandma and grandpa are on my dream trip on the east coast shopping for furniture and buying new clothes. Here she is facetiming me- taunting me her new Anthro stuff. This is a hat she bought. She wasn't really trying to taunt me. She just asked me if I liked it. YES GRANDMA IT'S FROM ANTHROPOLOGIE OF COURSE I LIKE IT. WHY CAN'T YOU JUST SHOP AT COLDWATER CREEK LIKE ALL THE OTHER GRANDMAS AND STOP BUYING THINGS IM TOO POOR FOR. Just kidding, it looks really cute on you. #imcrying

Jax joined a soccer team and McKay is his coach. I was dying laughing to myself because McKay is obsessed with soccer and would love for Jax to be the best., but Jax struggled following directions, was easily distracted and also distracted others. lol. He sure looks cute though!

I was so exited because there were actually parents there that looked close to my age. Friend potential. The only problem is that Jonah whined the entire time so I could never meet any of them. He did the same thing this week at Jax's second practice. Finally, I just gave up and nursed- right in the middle of the gym. Is that weird? McKay asked me afterward, umm...were you nursing??... I don't get it. Obviouslyyy. What's the big deal.

K I had to post these because Jones is my buddy all day long.


  1. 1. I love that you call Jonah Jpnes :)
    2. I totally don't think it's weird that you were nursing...I never got the hang of doing it in public, but I really want to try next time I have a baby, because it's just so convenient.
    3. Jax and Lydia need a play date soon :) maybe next week?

    1. haha I think I'm just fine nursing in public because my mom was always like that. You just have to do it a couple times and then it becomes normal haha.
      and yes a play date would be so fun!

  2. your boys are so cute! and I love that our boys have the same jammies because I feel like they are more closely related to me and I want to kiss their faces

    1. I know, I love that too sooo much!!

  3. :) :) :)
    "i just want to lay wif him" AHHH SO FREAKING CUTE!
    here's to hoping you're able to build some relationships at soccer practice!


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