Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Life Lessons in the Home Depot Parking Lot

This last spring, right after we moved into our house, we decided to plant some new flowers. Our yard needed a lot of work- so one day I packed the boys in the car and we went to Home Depot to get some plants and dirt and a rake. I don't remember at all what happened in there- I just know that by the time we got to the car with all our stuff, I was ready to get my boys in the car and get home. The definite worst part of errands for me is loading all my crap and my kids into the car when I'm about to leave somewhere (actually unloading it is just as bad). My kids were fussy- I was trying to get them and all my stuff in the trunk and get out of there. It was hot and the bags of dirt were heavy and huge and I thought to myself I can't believe I am lifting all these things alone. This is terrible. Someone pulled in to the parking spot right to the right of me and I lifted this yellow rake out of my car to stick in my trunk. And before she even got out of her car, I smacked it with the rake as I was loading it, leaving a huge mark. I rubbed the mark with my fingers and it just wasn't coming off. So reluctantly, as the lady got out of her car, I said, I'm so sorry...I just have to let you know that I accidentally smacked the side of your car with my rake and I can't get this mark off. The lady moved over towards me and looked at the mark and immediately said with a smile, 
"Oh don't worry about it...it's just a car!" 
I feel like after that she offered to help or something but I can't even remember because her response just totally amazed me. Here is this crazy mom with two whiney kids- probably not showered or put together at all, loading a rake into her car so carelessly that she smacked the car right next to her. I just couldn't believe she reacted like that. I'm sad to say that I honestly don't think I would have responded that way. It changed my whole day. She totally made me want to be different. I want to be like her.


  1. love this story! I am going to remember it forever and use it in a talk or something. It reminds me of Grandma Peterson, once when I was little, I asked her what she would do if her house burnt down and i'll never forget she said "its just a house! we will buy a new one!"

  2. Sweetest thing! What a great life lesson to actually experience. Definitely makes me want to be more like that lady in all aspects of my life...and especially with my own kids-sometimes I am so hard on them.


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