Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jones you are almost ten months!...but during month nine you...

Climb the stairs like crazy! You just started doing it. One day you were playing by the stairs and wanted to climb up them- so you started to try. Really soon after that you climbed the whole staircase! Jax cheers for you every time you get to the top and you put both hands up in the air. You are so proud of yourself! It is so cute! I am trying to get you to learn how to go down the stairs backwards- you haven't quite caught on yet...but when I pull you down the stairs backwards you laugh the entire time!

You are still a momma's boy. You climb up my leg or are on my hip the whole day. Very rarely do you play alone or Jax without coming to find me within a couple minutes. The hardest time for you during the day is when I am in the shower because you can't get to me. It's really really cute. I love that you want me all the time! 

You sleep all through the night! I have always felt like you were so I brought you in our bed a lot more and a lot longer than I probably should have. A couple weeks ago, we decided to let you try to sleep through the night. You did great! When you wake up, you only cry for a couple minutes and then go back to sleep. You sleep all through the night sometimes too. Dad still bring you to me around 6 sometimes when he wakes up though...then we cuddle until eight. 

You can't sit through a whole book yet. You love when I start reading to you, but then you start turning the pages and you want to get down!

You love food! The only food that you absolutely do not like is oatmeal (or malt-o-meal and stuff like that). You love peaches and any kind of fruit the most. You love lasagna and peanut butter too. This summer you have eaten a lot of popsicles!

You love your brother. You get so excited when you see him and start moving your arms up and down. You two are playing together a lot more and it is so cute. Jax always talks about how excited he is for you to be able to walk and run with him. You two already have such a special realationship. I have never seen a three-year-old who loves his brother as much as Jax loves you. He asks me every morning, "Jonah wake yet?"

You still are not a cuddler. It makes your cuddle moments so much more special though. There are times when you will just lay on my shoulder or put your face right in my neck. Sometimes you will cuddle on dad and fall asleep at night- but mostly, you just like to be held and look at what is around you. Even when you are tired, you fight it- and when you get tired like that, you will not let us put you down- but you still won't cuddle! haha

At night when you are fussy, I lay you in your crib and pat your chest and sometimes sing you primary songs. Songs have never really calmed you down, but when you're in your crib- they do! When you are really fussy at night, we just lay you in your crib- and even if you are crying you will get really calm if we pat you or sing to you. Then we walk out and you fall asleep. You have started going to bed the same time as Jax just in this last week. 

You don't play with toys much - you just play with everything your not supposed to. The things you love most are cords and Jax's nightlight. I have tried to stick baskets of toys by you and you usually won't even knock them over. You do love balls though, just like Jax! You were fighting over one yesterday. You love playing with paper towel rolls too. This morning you opened the cupboard under the kitchen sink and started pulling the roll apart and you thought you were so funny! 

You hate getting put in your carseat. I have to give you snacks to distract you sometimes. You arch your whole back until you are a little bridge and I have to distract you or force you in there. It's sad and really cute. 

You usually wake up crying- no matter where you are. There have been a few times when you wake up and play or just talk to yourself, but usually you want to be picked up right away. 

You have the sweetest smile and laugh. When you laugh, you kind of look up and I always have to kiss your cute little neck over and over. You have the cutest little chubby hands too. We pretty much kiss you non stop every times we hold you. 

You blow through your lips like a propellor (don't know how else to describe it). It's so funny because you are so good at it. Sometimes you do it really high pitched. You do it a lot when you want something. When your really want to nurse you do it really fast and really high-pitched! 

You are really good at church- in Sacrament meeting. For the next two hours dad and I switch off. I take you to primary with me while dad teaches and then he takes you for the second hour of primary so I can get stuff done. He has to take you out of Elders Quorum a lot because you are so loud haha. You are kind of hard in primary too. The kids all love you though and people ask if they can hold you every Sunday. I usually can distract you with cheerios- but sometimes if I am really busy I just give up and stick you on the ground right by my feet! haha

You fall asleep sometimes just lying on the floor. You will be playing and then just lie down and fall asleep. You are doing it right now! You actually fall asleep so much more often like that than on an actual person- except when you're nursing...which reminds me...

YOU LOVE TO NURSE. I think at this point Jax nursed maybe two or three times a would nurse alllll day nonstop if you could. You are my little nursing babe. I am always hungry and I think it's because you love to nurse so much!

There are so many other things you do are so much fun and you make us smile and laugh every day! Jax is so happy he has you for a little brother. He wants to be with you all the time. He wants to tell you "secrets" and play with you and hug you. You're my little cuddler. Dad and I think you are going to be really loving to others and really sweet. We also think you are going to be really really strong...maybe a football player like your uncles. This month, you also tackled Jax for a ball...and you won!

We love you our little Jones boy!

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