Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Jaxers Turns Three!

Jax turned three at the end of last month. He teetered between wanting an "orch party" and a "pirate party." I was not feeling the pinterest-y party this year- so I took him to Hobby Lobby to pick out his own party stuff and I think he liked that even more than the stuff that would usually take me hours to do. I liked it too. Once we got there, he wanted cowboy stuff, pirate stuff, and (really ugly) monster plates. I vetoed the monster plates- but he told me he liked the pirate stuff the pirate party it was! We had our family and neighbors over for dessert the Sunday night after Jax's birthday. He loved it. He had a treasure hunt to get to his presents and mid-treasure hunt, Alysia came over. It is so fun to have a cute little girl Jax's age right next door. They love each other. Alysia is potty-training too- actualy one night when they were playing, we just stuck the toilet right on our porch and they would play and then pee, haha. But as they were opening presents, Alysia had a little accident. Jax didn't care at all- just kept playing with stuff, right in the puddle. It was lovely! They we cleaned it up and my dad gave him a scooter, which they fought over the whole rest of the night. I was so proud of Jax though, because as you can tell in the above pic, he is really good at sharing! He let her right it more than he rode it himself. Love that little three-year-old! 


  1. haha how fun. and also...who needs a pinterest-y party? isn't it better when it's what your kid wants than if it looks good in pictures on your blog?? i agree. so fun! make me want my next babe to be a boy. gosh i love those little guys.


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