Wednesday, July 30, 2014

All About 27 Years Old

McKay turned 27 on Sunday. How did he become so old? It seems like we were just in college and he was playing "water pong" and now we have two kiddos and he spent all evening working on our roof and unclogging our dishwasher. Now he's in bed. He goes to bed before me every night and wakes up before me every morning. Some mornings, I half wake up and can hear him getting dressed and grabbing his keys. This morning that happened- and I was hoping he would kiss me goodbye before he left. Some mornings I am fully awake and aware and when he doesn't do it I text him and say "why didn't you kiss me goodbye?!" And he tells me he didn't want to wake me up. This morning though, he smooched me right on the lips. It was a good one! It surprised me a little even in my sleep but I still didn't open my eyes. Then he left and went to work and came home and worked some more. That's what he does. Every day. He wakes up before me and works and comes home and works some more. Tonight we were talking about what I thought about him before we got married. I told him that I liked how he was honest with me. How he didn't feed me a bunch of lines from movies- but he told me how he really felt, right then- and I like it because I always know what he tells me is real. I told him how I knew he would always take care of us. In college he worked three jobs while I was pregnant. And I have always felt like if something ever happened that shook our family, McKay would figure out a way to take care of it and take care of us. He was a natural husband (even though he wouldn't think so). He listens to me and comforts me and wants me to be happy before himself. He was a natural dad. He has a calmness that I don't have. He's a natural handyman. I think he can fix anything. He painted our entire house, ripped out a floor, laid tile, fixed our oven, our dishwasher, toilet, installed a toilet, etc. etc. etc. He's a natural teacher and leader and friend. He has lots more friends than I do- and they talk every day. He's a natural worker. He's efficient and fast and smart and creative. He keeps a planner and a journal and makes our family make goals for the year. He's a supporter. He listens and pushes me to do every single new idea I have. Even the dumb ones. He's one of those people that makes you feel like you matter when you're feeling like you don't. He can talk me through anything. He will adapt himself to make someone feel comfortable and happy. He acts like he understands me so I don't feel crazy. He pretends to not have headaches when he does so I won't feel bad about him helping me with dishes. He wakes up with the boys on Saturday so I can sleep- even though he wakes up before me every day. He's an example. He stands up for what he believes in at work. Every night when I'm brushing my teeth, I know he's kneeling by our bed saying his prayers. He makes sure we read scriptures every night.
Ever since he graduated, he's talked about this "30 Under 30" list. 30 guys who are super successful, rich (or whatever) before they turn 30. This weekend I told him he has three more years to make the list. And we laughed and he said "ya right," and it was over. But McKay, if you ever read this I hope you know that at 27, you have done a lot more important stuff than a rich 30-year-old with a cool company.

we love you!!!


  1. K I just read this and it is the best thing. So sweet, and true. Love that McKay! -lacey


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