Friday, July 11, 2014

At the Lake: Part Dos

grandma and grandpa

This summer Jax lived in the sand right by the lake. He went straight down there every morning. Jonah, my little sidekick, hated it. I think he hated it more and more as the trip went on. I spent most of the time with him on my hip or handing him off to my mom. It is fun to have kids. It's fun to watch everything repeat with a new generation. On the other side of that, it's weird being the only one with kids sometimes. Part of me wishes everyone else would get married and/or get on it. All of me though, feels like my kids are lucky that so many people love them. Jax is constantly played with, Jonah is constantly talked to and held. Everywhere they turn, there is someone that loves them- someone to help them or stick up for them or be on their team or teach them. I'm glad we all grew up like that- and I'm glad my kids will too.

1 comment:

  1. my gosh - jax being all cute and dapper!
    <3 all of these!


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