Sunday, May 4, 2014

We could get used to this

The sun came out every day this last week! We chased the middle school marching band practicing in our neighborhood, bought Otter Pops and ate watermelon on our front lawn. We swam in grandma and grandpa's pool. Jax escaped from our house while I was still sleeping and I found him in the backyard with the slip-n-slide (scary). But I forgot how much I love summer. I forgot what summer feels like when I'm not pregnant and fat and hot all the time. I love it.

I love being in the same neighborhood I grew up in. I love watching Jax ride his bike on the same sidewalk I did- and play at the elementary school that I went to. McKay tried to kick balls on the rooftop of my elementary school this week- just like the third grade boys did when I went there. It was kind of cute to watch that.

Things are slowing down around the house. It was a good Sunday today. We made pancakes and went to church and laid around and and laughed. Everything is starting to feel more normal. Everything is starting to feel more us.


  1. Aaaaawwww.... They are adorable!!!

  2. :) these are such stunning pictures ali!!
    summer, such a fun and refreshing time...i love the watermelon juice al lover them haha


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