Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Three Pics of New House.

Here is a pic of the kitchen when the house was up for sale. 


For all you people wanting house pics! HERE.

Okay, I honestly don't like posting house pics. I feel so weird and showy like look at my house! McKay and I always make fun of people who post pics with a caption like "LOOK AT MY CUTE CHILD," but the child is like a blur in the corner of the pic and the invisible caption is like "do you guys see my thick crown molding and new couch?" LOL. But we are working really hard on our kitchen so I am showing it! Like McKay almost cried last night. We are so done. Sick of sanding it and painting it and looking at it. Right when we moved in, the whole thing was yellow and grey. The old owners chose yellow for the entire base of the house and then charcoal for the backsplash and lighting. The floor was yellow too. The first thing we did when we moved in was painted the entire house (not the boys rooms or the blue room or bathrooms yet). Then my mom and I sanded and painted the kitchen cabinet bases and then we got the floors extended and stained darker. Now we are spraying the cabinet doors and waiting for countertops and backsplash to be done. Then we will be down to just weekend projects.

Every room in our house is a work-in-progress. Right now our bathroom is all torn apart. McKay found  lots of mold behind the shower so he had to rip it all up. I think he accidentally shattered some of the seashell tiles so THANK YOU MOLD. We wanted to see how easy it was to rip up linoleum so we tore some of our laundry room floor up too... We have bad habits of tearing things apart in every room and then saying "Okay. Yes that CAN actually be ripped off...Good...Project for later!"

I think the kitchen will be done in like two weeks, so then I will post after pictures! I made a whole priority list of everything I want to do to our entire house. I haven't shown it to McKay because I think he would probably run away. McKay is becoming quite the handyman. These last few Christmases I've kind of felt sorry for him because the theme each year is "things you need as a husband." Last Christmas he got a gun. Two Christmases ago, he got tools. But now those tools are really really coming in handy. It's fun to work on a place that we know we're settling in. It's fun to make it ours. I miss McKay though and I can tell he really misses the boys. I'm excited for him to come home from work and not be in the garage. But I love that every day it feels more and more like home.

the end.


  1. Wow it looks amazing! I love the new colors.

  2. uh LOVE.
    the floors = swoon. seriously, totally worth it. and i know all the sanding, priming, and painting of the cabinets sucked - but they are SO GORGEOUS!
    just take deep breathes and remember that everything takes time. i wish i could get my whole house in order asap...but i don't have the time or $$ to do that, so it is small progress at a time! ;)

  3. also, i totally want to be the creeper blog friend to say "i want to see more pictures". ;)

  4. way to go! its looking awesome!! so fun!

  5. I love house pics! More!

  6. Looks amazing and makes your kitchen look so much more open! I love it! And love those floors! It's certainly a lot of work, but, like you said, it's so fun to make it your own!

  7. It looks fantastic! I love it. You have such good taste and vision! Eeeeek! Hopefully you weren't talking about me when you mentioned the whole "invisible caption with new couch " hahaha.


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