Thursday, May 1, 2014

Let's pretend it's one month ago, okay?

Rolling over- I sat in front of him forever with my camera and he didn't roll...but then of course when I left the room and came back, he had rolled!

Dear Jonah Jones (I don't know why we call you this- but we do!),

I knew right when we decided to move that the fifth month of your life would kind of be the lost month. That month flew by, and so did the sixth! And now we have an almost-seven-month-old babers. The good thing is that you are still so tiny to me. You are still such a baby. Dad and I were talking about that yesterday- we were talking about how when Jax was six months, we let him eat some cake for his half birthday. I would never think of letting you dig into a cake! I don't know why- maybe it's because you have no teeth yet...maybe because you still like to be carried around everywhere. I think it's mostly just because you are still a little tiny baby. A tiny little baby to us still like the phase right after the newborn phase. Dad and I say to each other all the time why does he still seem so little to us? And neither of us know. All I know is that I have a two-year-old and a tiny baby Jonah and we love you guys more than you will ever know. EVER. I mean it.

You at six months:

You love veggies way more than fruit. Whenever I feed you fruit (even if you have had that kind a lot) you do this really sour I don't like this and I'm about to spit it out face and you spit it out. You spit out everything except for vegetables. And you just started not spitting those out! You like carrots, squash, and mixed veggies the most. You don't like potatoes. You like peaches and prunes probably the most out of the fruits you've tried.

You have no teeth yet! It's crazy! I feel like you have been teething forever. We went through a phase when I just kept Tylenol in you because I felt like they were just about to pop through- but they didn't! You go through days or nights where it seems like you are hurting but then everything kind of settles down again. I check your mouth every morning- but still no teeth!

You do the cutest cough/whine/grunt when you want something. You have started to want our food when we are eating dinner. About 90% of the time though, you want to nurse. Whenever I am lying you on my lap getting ready to nurse, you start coughing a lot and really fast. It's so cute and I love it.

You get sad when Jax takes a toy away from you. It is so funny because you warn me when Jax is close to you now (he can be very loving sometimes). Now sometimes when he gets even just close to you you start whining or crying. I feel kind of bad because he is working on being softer, but you still whine when he gets close to you. Today he did steamroll you though...

In the mornings, you and Jax are so excited to see each other...and whenever you have been away from each other. You get excited when he plays with you and he makes you smile and laugh all the time. You love it when he jumps on the bed and mom or dad bounce you with him. And you love it when we put you on our legs and you fly next to each other!

You are really good at pushing yourself up on your hands now. You can push yourself backwards on your tummy with your arms too. You don't roll over much. You can do it- I just don't know if you want to. You are SO good at sitting up. This last week you have gotten really good at it! You almost never tip over! You haven't started crawling yet.

You love the bath. There have been a couple times when you have been so sad and nothing helps, so you and mom just get in the bath and it always makes you happy!

You like to be held more and more. You used to love to lay down, but now you really like mommy to hold you! My right arm is getting a lot stronger and sometimes I don't even notice I am holding you!

You are still a really light sleeper. It's hard to move you after you have fallen asleep. If we set you down in your swing or your crib though, you fall back to sleep really well. It's crazy that you are so comfortable in your crib because we just moved you in there.

Tonight will be your third night in your crib. You have been sleeping so well in there! You wake up about one or two times a night. You are too big for your swing now so I put it away yesterday. You never slept in your cradle at all. It was way too hard for you I think. And I liked cuddling with you all night!

You love to go on walks. You always fall asleep in the stroller.

When you want to nurse, you start sucking my face and chin. I love it so much! It is one of my very favorite things you do.

You have the best legs in the entire world. Whenever I am getting you undressed for the bath, I have to stick you in front of the mirror and squeeze your legs and bum a few times.

Your hair is a little bit red! Dad calls you a "fiery redhead" when you are mad. Grandma says it's like Uncle Cody's was, so we're wondering if it will turn blonder or browner.

You don't eat in a high chair- I lay you down on the floor because you are really bad at keeping your food in your mouth.

You drool all the time! Grandma babysat you last weekend and she changed you three times! Tonight I was walking around our kitchen and noticed there was water all over the floor...I couldn't figure out where it was coming from and then Jax told me that you were spitting! He was right! You were drooling all over the floor! haha


  1. Ahh those pictures!! So sweet! I can't wait for another! Such a fun age!

  2. Your posts make me smile, your boys are beyond adorable!!


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