Monday, May 26, 2014

Jonah Jones, where has the time gone?

Jonah you are seven months! Almost eight months! How in the world did you get to be almost eight months? You are almost crawling- almost have one tooth! ONE. You are the slowest teether! Slow, at least compared to your brother. You are a real momma's boy. I always tried to pretend Jax was- but he just really wasn't. Jax loved me sometimes the most and he loves your dad sometimes the most...but you ALWAYS want me. You have just started reaching and I love it. If I give you to someone else, you sometimes cry and cough until they give you back to me- not because you're hungry or tired- just because. Because I'm your mom. I love it. I feel so much more sure of myself as a mom with you. I think that's just how it goes with your second and your third and so on. I feel so much more calm with you. For the most part, you are an easy baby. These past couple months, you have been teething bad. I check your mouth every day to see if anything is close, and finally this weekend, there is that one about to pop through. Other than the teething pain, you are easy easy! I can't imagine myself without you baby boy. You and your brother are my entire world.

At seven months you:

-Can not protect yourself against your brother. You have started to cough and whine when he gets near. It's so funny because at first when you started doing it, we would discipline Jax and he would just kind of look at us like wait, I didn't do anything! Then we realized that sometimes when Jax gets near you, you just start to whine. I think it's because you are just defending yourself before any of the "rough love" begins. haha

-You wake up usually about once a night around two or three (I honestly have no idea what time). There have been  couple times now you have slept all night and it's amazing. 

-You are an awesome eater. You love veggies way more than you love fruit. You love all the weird stuff that Jax didn't- like the mixed vegetables and garden vegetables and chicken noodle soup. If you have to eat fruit, you kind of like pears. You hate applesauce. You love peaches. 

-You grab food when it's in our hands. It so funny because if Jax is eating something near you you lean over and tackle him to get it. Yesterday in church, Jax was eating apples and you leaned way over and tried to grab them. We have had to move you away from Jax before because you tackle him for food haha

-You love ice cream! We were at a friends house last night and they have a ten-month-old little boy- his mom had given him a bite of her pie and said "this is probably the first time he's had sweets!" Umm...we have given you tastes of ice cream, etc. for MONTHS. I kinda felt like a bad mom, but it also makes me feel like an awesome mom. We maybe shouldn't give you so many "little bites."

-Speaking of have the best little chubby body ever. I can never just get you naked and stick you in the bath. I have to squeeze your legs and bum and kiss your tummy and face for a good while before I can stick you in the water. Sometimes I stand you up on the counter in front of the mirror so I can look at all the little rolls from your bum down your legs. Everyone who meets you comments on your cute little chubs. 

-We think you may have red hair. Inside the house, it looks brown...but one day we were holding you near a window and the sun was shining on your and dad and I were like umm...I think he has red hair. So we'll see if it stays or gets lighter or darker or what. But we don't care because we love it. Cody had redder hair when he was little and Chad had redder hair when he was older so we'll see who you take after! 

-You are a super light sleeper. Sometimes at night when I check on you, you wake up just from me adjusting your blanket. You wake up from little sounds too. We have to be really careful when we put you down when you are sleeping because you wake up so easily. 

-You still do okay in the car. If you don't want to be in there, you scream the entire time and never fall asleep, but recently you do really good and just lay there awake or sleep.

-You don't love to be in your stroller. We go on a lot of walks and usually you are kind of mad about your stroller. It is so funny. You usually fall asleep, but sometimes I just end up carrying you. You do not like to be awake in your stroller. 

-You love to be "scared" and think it's hilarious

-You don't seem to notice other babies much yet

-You don't love to be read to. Jax loved to be read to and played with with toys, but you love to be held and cuddled and carried. 

-Last week I was gone at a meeting and came home and you were so excited to see me. It was so cute. I kept saying "Hi Jonah!!!" And you would smile and breathe really fast and laugh and kick your legs!! That's what you do when you get really excited.

-You are so close to crawling, but not there yet! You do this thing when you get on your tummy and then up on your hands and totally straighten your legs- like you are about to stand! You can get into a sitting-position from a crawling-position now too. 

-You and Jax have a really special relationship. There are times when you or both of you will be fussy and I will give up for a second and just lay you next to each other. There have been a couple really sweet and special moments where you just cuddle into each other and get really really calm. You have a special bond and I think understand each other in ways that dad and I can't. I hope you are always best friends. Jax calls you his "best brother."


  1. Such precious boys you have! :)

  2. those pictures = girl so cute i just can't handle it!
    (also i love how you do little check in posts like this to remember what they are doing at each age!)


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