Tuesday, April 29, 2014

True life through my phone

I was looking through my phone tonight and I thought wow, what a perfect representation of my life right now. All my pictures perfectly depict my house, my kids, our highs, our lows, and everything in between. So I thought I would just share. And can I just say that I am doing much better this week than I was doing last week. Last week, I finally got my top-of-priority list stuff done so I less like i'm drowning and more like I'm just doggy-paddling. Sadly, we found mold in our new bathroom which falls under the husband list so I kind of feel sorry for McKay right now. On the plus side, when he was chiseling the tile out of our shower he accidentally shattered one of the rainbow seashell tiles so 1/16th of our shower might not be ugly. Also, I did something creepy. I FB searched the old owners of this house. I showed them to McKay and he laughed a nervous laugh but we both scrolled through their pics a tiny bit. I was really tempted to send them a message politely asking why they chose the blue carpet and the seashells which they CEMENTED to the walls with cement and Gorilla Glue. But I didn't. 

Here is a pic of Jax when he tied dental floss around himself. You can see the boxes and all the crap behind him. Also the dirty diaper on the floor. Ya...

I'm hoping this is from the same day because he is wearing the same shirt. He wanted me to put a ponytail in his hair and he was in love with himself. He even kissed himself in the mirror! Stinking cute.

General Conference- my favorite weekend of the entire year. This year was good, because instead of feeling just really uplifted, I felt uplifted, in addition to: I have a lot a lot to work on. A lot.  And please don't be jealous of my beautiful outfit. This will never be a fashion blog again.

I live like 40 seconds away from my mom so this ends up happening a lot. She used to drive me to seminary in that robe.

McKay and I used to get into a fight every time we did a house project. I get really nit-picky and McKay gets really sensitive. We are not newlyweds anymore, so I know how to handle these situations now. On this night, McKay was hanging our gallery wall and he was literally saying "frick" every two seconds so I decided to take pictures of him and just laugh so we could remember these moments, but then he got mad at me so we still got in a fight...

Since we don't live by the ghetto anymore we go on lots of walks and it's so much fun!

I have a really bad habit of "starting projects" in our house that McKay has to finish. This was a good one to start though because there was lots of mold back there! Lovelyyyy.

WE GOT A CAFE RIO. It reminded us of our college days and now we never have to move to Utah. Luckily I still have my punch card from Idaho! I knew I kept that thing for a reason.

Every morning I sit on my bed in my bathrobe for as long as possible trying to avoid my list. Jax took this pic.

Jax being a trooper while we go to boring home stores.

On this day Jax and I ate a whole half of a pie for breakfast. I am the coolest/laziest mom.

They're just really cute and I love them.

Every night when I am trying to be romantic McKay falls asleep. He thinks it counts if he is on the couch next to me. I like him to be next to me, but awake. If he is sleeping I would rather him just move so I can have the whole couch to watch my showz.
I miss him.

A few days ago, I was sick, so I put Jax in the bath and laid on the floor right next to him. I have no idea how I missed this- but he brought a book in the bath. It was One Fish, Two Fish hahaha

We went to a Sounder's game this last weekend. We decided to just ditch our lists. We miss each other.

the end. 


  1. that was really cute. and fun

  2. i love. love. love. this post! i love getting insights into what is happening in ali world! :)
    sounds like y'all are making progress, and trying to make TIME for each other throughout all of it (even if mckay falls alseep)...also i'm so happy you fb stalked those peeps i fb stalk all the time hahahaha so don't feel TOO creepy!

  3. your blog makes me laugh. you're pretty much the best.

  4. haha cute & funny!! im glad your house is coming along! and your 2 boys are looking so big!!

  5. 1. i have those flower pajamas from abercrombie. and also those fuzzy socks in a different color. AND i wear them together a llllll the time.

    2. i have never seen so many toys in a bathtub at one time. i couldn't stop laughing at Jax with all of his little trinkets in there!!!

  6. hi Ali! I just wanted to drop you a line and say heyyy and I still love following along with where your life's at now! I'm hoping we get to see pictures of the new house as the projects keep going. the few time I've moved and just had to move/unpack/set-up a BEDROOM it's been a long crazy process so I can't imagine! also- your babes are the sweetest. xo!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  7. SO FUN. loved every picture and description!


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