Tuesday, February 4, 2014


MY LIFE. I just cannot get on top of anything! So, we bought a house! It's really cute and small. It's only a little bit bigger than the one we are in now but that's okay. I love it. I love it because it is away form the trailer park that we are right next to. My dad told me he is going to miss telling people that his daughter "lives by the casino." ha. ha. ha.
We hopefully get to move March 14th- so that means that up until then we have to get all the stuff negotiated with the sellers and have our house all ready to go on the market. I cleaned the house today and I started to get sad. I remember moving in here and thinking about how weird it would feel to cook somewhere besides our apartment. I wondered it the kitchen would ever feel like mine.  Now this kitchen is mine. Everything here is ours. It's where we became a family. I made McKay paint the walls 100 times here until we got them perfect. Jax took his first steps here. We brought Jonah home here. I walked in circles around our bonus room with our two newborns here. We had both of Jax's birthdays in our kitchen. We had friends and family sleep on our floors. We jumped up and down in the hall downstairs when we found out Jonah was coming. I can't imagine it feeling like home somewhere else yet. McKay and I were talking tonight about how Jonah won't even remember this house- and how Jax probably won't either. Jax can't wait to move to his new house with the "park" in the backyard (tiny swing set). I can't wait to move either, but we have really loved it here. McKay won't be able to come home for lunch anymore and I will really really really miss that.
I'm sad, but I'm more excited. I don't know if you've noticed, but i've been pinning. I have a lot of projects on my mind. Every night I dream of all the things I will do to our new house. And every day at lunch, I tell McKay those dreams, and he brings me back into reality. That's fine though, we can do it slow. I am thinking this will be the house that the kids remember as their first home. I love thinking about that. I have lived in lots of places, but my favorite house was the house I grew up in with my little brothers. And the best part is- our new house is right down the street.
You guys, our house has blue carpet in one room! Blue carpet. I posted a pic of it on my Instagram. I think it's a little obnoxious to post lots of pictures of your new house and all of your projects. But seriously- I am totally comfortable showing you guys the blue room. It even has matching blue curtains.
If there is one thing that has amazed me throughout our house search- it is people's choice of decor and cosmetics. Just...in awe. And not in a good way.


  1. congrats on the house! how exciting! you'll make more memories there ;)

  2. Congrats! We just sold our home and bought our second home (moving March 1st!) and we, too, were laughing at the decor choices people make. It is not my place to judge, but.....strangeeee!

  3. so exciting! And I DO NOT think its obnoxious when people post stuff on instagram about their new houses or what not. I love it!

  4. i saw your instagram post - and i'm so excited for y'all!!! EEEP

    (ps LOVE your pictures lady! you're so talented)

  5. Congrats on the new house. Your babies are adorable.

  6. hey i nominated you & your cute blog for the liebster award! for details check it out here:


  7. this answers my question! how fun! it is kind of refreshing starting fresh in a new place :)


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