Friday, January 24, 2014

This two-year-old big brother

Dear Jaxers,

Do you know how much we love you? I feel like sometimes you just get lost in the craziness in our house and don't get all the babying you need. You are still so little. You are still our little baby. Do you know that every night when you are sleeping, I come into your room and I kiss your face? Sometimes, I kiss it a bunch! When you are sleeping in your bed and I look at you, I always think about how you were my first baby, and how you will always be my little Jaxers. Did you know that when you get startled, you still flex your hands the same way you have since you were a newborn? Do you know that  I know every single new freckle you get, and I kiss each new one I see? Do you know that you have the best eyelashes and they make me want to give you everything you want, every second? You make us laugh all the time. You love to brush your teeth and jump on our beds. You love Buzz and Woody, but you call Woody "Buddy." You brought him with us to Subway today. You love to play with legos and Mr. Potato Head. You like to hide from dad when he gets home from work. You love to make cookies. You like peanut butter sandwiches and fruit snacks and "orch juishh." You love your little brother. You love wrestling with dad. You know when we're going to grandma's house by the roads we drive on. You always think your car seat is "too tight." You love to sing "Book of Mormon Stories," and "I Am A Child of God." You tell people you are one and three, and sometimes you say you are two. We love you more than you will ever know and promise to always make sure you know that!

Here are a few more things about our little two-year-old Jax boy...

-You love to watch movies and shows. Every day you tell me "Mom me watch teebee... make me happy." You love Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. A couple weeks ago, Dad rented Despicable Me to watch with you. You didn't like it, and daddy was really sad. Tonight though, you really really wanted to watch it. Dad and I kept making you say it because you say it SO CUTE. We got it on video. We actually asked you what you wanted to watch about 20 times, just so we could hear you say it! You also love "The Hoffice," (The Office). I think it's because we watched it so much when you were in my tummy. You have a special dance for the song! Dad and I were watching it last night and daddy tried to wake you up to come watch it with us- but you were too tired and just wanted to sleep!

-Every day you climb on my bathroom counter to get a drink. It drives me nuts because you get water and fingerprints everywhere, and then you use my face wash for handsoap. I am amazed at how smart you are though. You are so self-sufficient. You do so much more on your own now than you did even a month ago- and you love it! If you want a drink, you just go to the sink. If you want to turn on a light, you pull a toy up to a light and stand on it. If you want a snack, you pull a kitchen chair into the pantry and get a snack. You are so funny. I think you are so smart. Last night was so funny because you found our stash of Starbursts. I was vacuuming downstairs and you kept coming down and saying "hi mommy!" and then I would see another handful of Starbursts in your hand!

-You are so good with your naps and badtime. You sleep in a big boy bed now, so usually we give you about three chances to stay in bed before we close your door. Usually you just stay in bed. Mom and dad take turns laying with you and telling you a story. I love to do it because we cuddle and I play with your hair or stroke your cheek and then I tell you a story until you fall asleep. Dad and I make up a new story every time we lay down with you. I think you like it when dad tells you stories the best though. He tells the BEST stories. Did you know he used to tell me stories even before we were married? He did and I loved it, just like you!

-You still have baby fuzz on your shoulders and back like when you were a baby. I still kiss your shoulders and neck and face all the time. You are still so little. Your hands are still a little chubby like when you were a tiny baby. And you love to be held. Almost every time I pick you up, you just cuddle me and lay on my shoulder. You are such a cuddler. Dad and I love it. We cuddle you on the couch every day!

-You are the funniest little boy we have ever known. You love to make faces and do silly dances and make people laugh. You say "stop talking" a lot- you actually kind of use it as a naughty word. But right after Christmas you told me "I say stop talking, make me funny!" And I realized you just say it to make people laugh (of course we are trying not to laugh every time you say it!) Grandma says you remind her so much of Uncle Cody because of how goofy you are.

-You love to pray. Every time we pray, you want to say it.

-Tonight we went to get pizza at a place that had a big Statue of Liberty statue in the middle of it and you pointed to it and said "Joseph Smith!"

-You give us "Chubby bunny kisses." You hold our cheeks and kiss us! We love it and always ask you for them!

-You LOVE Jonah. You love him SO MUCH. Sometimes during the day I have to remind you to be careful with Jonah (because you smother him a little bit...) and you always say "BUT I WOVE HIM," and you so so much. Every morning you say "JONAH WAKE!!!" You love being around him. You say "ME HOLD HIM." If he is sleeping and you know where he is, you usually wake him up and then you tell me that he is awake. It makes me kind of frustrated sometimes, but then I just realize that you want to be with him and you want him to be awake. He loves you too. Whenever you lay next to him he starts smiling- even if he's kind of sad! You two have such a special relationship.

Things you say:

"Daddy don't be a gork." (Daddy don't be a dork- you actually say "dork" sometimes now)


When you pray you always say "great job in nursery" and "Chad on mishhhon"

"Dangit!" (we should probably work on this- but it's really, really cute)

"No bedtime. Me be happyyyy!"

"Why you do dattt?!!"

- Whenever I lay you and Jonah next to each other, you say "TWO BABIES!"

-Yesterday daddy asked you what you thought your bum was called, and you said it's your "Jake and the Neverland privates."


  1. These pictures are beautiful! Each stage just keeps getting better and better - can't wait for this one!

  2. ali - your photography is stunning my dear!
    "daddy, don't be a gork!" hahhahahaah
    & chubby bunny kisses = love!

  3. Hi Ali! I had to get all caught up on your blog, how I've missed your sweet babes and funny tales! Seems like life has been an adjustment now with 2 little ones, I love that I've read long enough to trace your family from when it was just Jax to now!! He sounds like such a spunky, funny, kid. I'm so glad him & Jonah get along famously, that is PRECIOUS! Anyway, I hope you are doing well. Always a pleasure to read.

    Hey- have you been watching The Bachelor? I'd love to hear your opinions on that next!

    perfectly Priya


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