Saturday, February 22, 2014

Four-month munchkin boy

Dear Jonah- you are a whole four months old! (Actually, four months and 12 days today). I am late writing all about you at four months. You have been such a trooper lately. But when are you not? You are my little sidekick trooper- always next to mom, but so easy and quiet, I hardly even notice. I feel like so many afternoons I look at you and just pick you up and squeeze you tight and say "Jonah! I miss you!" And I think it's because I feel like you don't even need me! So most days we just cuddle and talk and smile at each other- and I hold you on my hip and tote you around wherever I go when you are awake. Yesterday we drove to Oregon and dad and I were talking about before you were born when we only had one carseat in the back. I remember being pregnant with you and looking behind me and imagining our backseat with you and Jax both back there. Now we can't imagine anything without you. We were missing you before you were born. We love you Jonah boy!

At four months you:

(one of my favorite things you just started doing!) When you are in your car seat you lift your head and shoulders as much as you can- it means you want to get out! It is the cutest thing though because you always do it with a smile! On our way to Oregon I rode in the back with you for a little bit and I wanted to get you out so bad and just hold you.

You just had your shots on Thursday and you only cried a tiny bit on the last one for about five seconds- on the first three, you didn't make a sound!

Sometimes you like to just be put down. You have been like this since you were brand new. You love to play under your thing with the handing toys. When I shower, I usually lay you under it in our closet (to protect you from your brother!). You are getting really good at hitting it now!

When you nurse, you always reach for my hand right away- you have also started grunt-whining when you are hungry and you know you are about to eat

You eat my face when you are hungry. I think one of the best feelings in the entire world is when I feel your chubby hands on my face and your drooly lips on my cheeks!

Dad gets you to sleep almost every night. You RARELY fall asleep on me when you aren't nursing. I think the only times you have have been when I'm not trying- like when i'm holding you and talking on the phone or something. I try and try but I cannot rock you to sleep. Dad always can though. He has the special touch and you love your daddy.

Jax makes you smile every day. He sings you a song that goes "Don't be cry, don't be cry, me love you..." when you are sad. I love watching you two together. He loves to lay right next to you and hug you around your neck (which scares me) and when I tell him to stop he goes, "BUT ME WOVE HIM!" And he sure does!

You hold your head up really really well now. You tolerate tummy time. I am not good at it because I never feel like you like it (I wasn't good at it with Jax either). Mostly I lay down and I put you on my legs like an airplane and you LOVE that. You always smile and sometimes laugh. That's how we do tummy time on our house!

You are such a happy baby- sometimes when you are sad, dad and I try to make you laugh and you will start laugh-crying. It is so cute. You make a crying face, but you laugh!

You, dad and mom all went on a Valentine's Day date. I think it was the fussiest you have ever been and you were still so easy! Dad and I just took turns holding you and you were totally fine! We take you on all our dates. I don't really leave you anywhere yet. I have left you with daddy or grandma to run a quick errand, but that's about it. You're still my little newborn.

You LOVE your swing. I have kind of gotten into a bad habit of you sticking you in it if you wake up a lot at night. Now I am trying to kind of reverse that. Sometimes during the day I swear you just want your swing- even over me holding you. So lately I have been just lying you on our bed every time you sleep- and turning your swing off if you are ever in there. I am actually really paranoid about the swing too because you breathe so much better on your back- you snore a little in the swing!

You have had cereal and peaches. When I was really pregnant with you in the summer, I canned a bunch of peaches so you would have them when you started to eat fruit. I have been so excited to give them to you. I think they were a little strong though- it seems like you still like plain rice cereal a little better! I don't give it to you that much though. We mostly just nurse.

You can hold all your weight standing up. You love standing on mommy's tummy!

You love your baths still! Jax asks to take a bath with you every day, but I usually just bathe you alone so it is a little more relaxing for you...

You love to see everything going on around you. When we hold you, you don't cuddle very much- you love to arch your back and lift your head and see everything you can!

You do really good in your carseat. You rarely cry in the car. You usually fall right to sleep!

We always have special time together when Jax is taking a nap. Usually we talk or play on the floor or we look at ideas for our new house.

I love you so much Jonah and I hope you always know that. Every day I ask you if you know how much you are loved. I promise I will always make sure you know! Love you baby boy.


  1. Ooh soooo cute! my baby turned out 7 month:) I love her deeply!
    So amazing being a mom, exciting and miraclous!

  2. wow! I can't believe he is 4 months old!


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