Friday, January 24, 2014

Hello, from the cutest baby I know.

Whew! What a week. I feel like other blog posts lately have begun with "whew..." I don't know. I just know that every time I sit down at this thing to's like I exhale and am like how do I even begin to document my life?! I have to say one thing about today before I forget. Jax is in the potty-training process. I think it's the world record for longest potty-training process ever. He still pees in his pull-ups but he is actually at the point where he rinses his own pee out of his potty chair. Yesterday, I told him not to- so today he acutally brought me the little bucket of pee while I was sitting on the couch! Lovely. Boys are so funny. I love them. I only want boys. I will not be sad if my next baby is a boy. But right now, boys are in bed. McKay brought me ice cream with fudge on it- he is laying on the floor watching Sherlock and is actually awake with me. This is like a great night. Yesterday I sent a mass text to the women in my family asking who wanted to watch Jax tonight so McKay and I could go on a date. Tonight though, we just weren't feeling it. Date night has expectations. If you have kids, you know. You have to make it count. McKay and I even have some date cash- for when we want to go out to dinner and stuff. We saved it from Christmas. Anyways- at about 2:00 this afternoon I already knew I wasn't going to perform well on a date. That sounds bad. Obviously it's not that hard. I love dates and I love McKay but what I reallyyy wanted to do was like put on pajamas, put the kids in bed, wipe all the makeup off my face and just sit my bum on the couch and stay there until I went to bed. Which is exactly what I'm doing.
We're going to look at a house tomorrow. We have decided to move. I know, it's sudden. I guess the economy is getting better or interest rates are going up or....? Whatever...I won't pretend I know. What I do know is that McKay folded and hid a letter from our HOA in our linen closet which I found a while ago describing the drug deals that are happening on the other side of our YA. It's time to move. It's kind of sad. I feel like we were just leaving college. And I remember our kitchen being stuffed with boxes. I remember unpacking them with my mom and grandma and putting everything away. I remember painting our family room with McKay. I remember Jax taking his first steps here. I remember getting it all ready for Jonah and walking through the door with my new baby boy. We have loved this house and become a family here. Do you know what's weird about me though? I don't feel that nostalgic about it honestly. The second we decided to move, I kind of disconnected. I stopped wanting to buy house stuff. I stopped wanting to scrub it and polish everything. It stopped being my little nest. I kind of feel like on to the next nest!  Is that so weird and heartless? Maybe I am just excited. Maybe since we are a family of four now, I am ready for our new home that fits us now. It's so weird. It might change. I don't know. I have never moved before. I don't know what I am supposed to be like. I hope I have a heart.

Anyways, McKay is sleeping now so I have to put him to bed.

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  1. good luck moving! that is super exciting! and tell McKay goodnight from me ;) -lacey


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