Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Two-Month Jonah John

Jonah boy! You were two whole months on the tenth! I know it is past the tenth, but these photos were actually taken on the day you turned two months old. Mommy, daddy, Jax, and you were all sick when I took them but you were such a little trooper. Aren't you the prettiest baby? We think so. You are lying next to me sleeping right now and I want to kiss your face, but I won't because I don't want to wake you. Instead, I will just write all about you at two months (and a little over a week) old.

-You still like to be held with your head tipped way back. Yesterday we were Christmas shopping and grandma was holding you with your head back and Nanny thought she wasn't holding your head- that's how it looks...but that's how you like to be held a lot- with your head tipped way far back. I think it's because you like to feel really close to us, but still see what's all around you. You like to lay on my shoulder lately too though. One of my favorite things is when I'm holding you and you just curl up on my shoulder or on my chest and fall asleep. That's dad's favorite thing too. He always smiles at me and says "this is the best," when you are sleeping on him.

-You smile ALL THE TIME. Whenever you are awake and content, you smile. You smile a lot at me in the middle of the night when we are up together. Sometimes my eyes are burning so much because I am so tired, but I look at you and you start smiling and it's all worth it. Your smile makes all of us so happy!

-You are so easy. So so so easy. Grandma says you are just like Cody. You like to be held, but you like to just lay and be talked to too. Sometimes you are fussy so we put you down and you are happy! There have been so many times I have had to put you down to help Jax- and you just happily lay there on our bed. I always feel like you are lonely so that is really hard for me- but you make everything so easy. You almost never cry at home.

-You know when we are home now- you especially know the upstairs. It's where we spend most of the time when we are at home and it's where you are the most content. I love that you know it.

-You eat about every hour during the day- unless you are taking a long nap, which you sometimes do. These last couple days though, you take short little naps for like 30 minutes.

-You have two fussy times- at about nine or ten in the morning and then at about ten at night. It is so cute, because you just want to be held. I carry you around in the mornings or we sit on the couch with Jax and watch cartoons or read- and at night dad and I switch off walking with you.

-You love your brother- and your brother loves you! Sometimes I am scared he is going to hurt you because he loves being close to you- but you are completely calm around him and content. Jax lays on your face and kisses you and holds your hand- sometimes he puts toys in your hand. I usually say, Jax back up a little or Jax, get off Jonah... but he just yells, "I WOVE HIMMM!"

-You know your daddy. Tonight grandma was holding you and you were a little sad. I thought you would need me, but she handed you to daddy and you calmed right down and fell asleep for about three hours! You love your dad just like Jax always did.

-You still love our faces pressed up against each other. When you are really upset I face you toward me and put our faces together and we bounce. That's what calms you down.

-You love the bath! You are a little bath trooper. Sometimes accidents happen so I have to finish your bath really quickly or sometimes I just have to give you quick ones and you never get fussy. You love taking baths with mom too. One night you were crying and nothing I tried helped. It seemed like your tummy hurt or something- so we went in the bath. That was one of the sweetest times with you. We just cuddled and you calmed down right away. And you smiled a lot in the bath that night!

-You are getting better at nursing. I have to really hold still- but you are getting so good at it! You can even latch on by yourself at night in the dark sometimes.

-You weigh 13 pounds.

-We still cuddle every night. Sometimes we hold hands and that is my favorite. You are too big to push up to the top of the bed now, so dad and I sleep on the very edge of each side. It's okay though. You should see you right are right in the middle with your arms above your head. I don't think I could stand having you sleep away from me yet.

-Every morning you wake up when dad is getting ready to work out or just getting home (sometimes I'm not even sure which is which) and most mornings I am too tired to walk around with you, so I put you in the swing and you sleep in there for a couple hours.

-You have brown brown eyes. They are so pretty. I love how dark and striking they are!

-I am starting to be able to calm you down with just my voice now. Usually, you still like to be held- but sometimes if I am doing something and I can't pick you up right away- talking to you helps. And talking to you helps better than singing does.

-You are really good at holding your head up- you will hold it up for a long time and then get tired so it just hits my shoulder when you can't hold it anymore. I always am so scared that you got hurt- but I don't think it hurts you.

-Your 3-6 month clothes are getting small on you, but you can still wear 0-3 jammies. You are under-average in height and over-average in weight. You are perfect! I love your arms and your thighs. I hope you keep getting chubbier!

-You have sensitive skin just like Jax did. We have to use Aquaphor sometimes and I stopped washing your face with baby soap and putting lotion on it. We just use water and Cetaphil now.

-Dad can make you laugh. I can sometimes too! You open your mouth really wide and let out the cutest little high sound. I can imagine it right now!

-You moan when you are sleeping in your car seat. I think it's because your neck is chubby and you can't breath totally clearly. It's the cutest thing ever. You were doing it tonight in your car seat.

-At night you like to be swaddled and then wrapped in a thick, fuzzy blanket. That is how you sleep the best!

(I'll add more as I think of them)

Jonah, you are our perfect baby boy. I love you so much. I am so glad I get to be your mom. I thank Heavenly Father every morning and every night that I get to. Thanks for picking me and dad and thanks for picking Jax as your brother. He is obsessed with you. He is always sweet to you and thinks about you. When you are sad he always sings you "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." We were at the grocery store today and you were crying in your car seat and Jax was saying, "Jonah I love you! Jonah it's okay!" You two have a special bond. Jax  will always take care of you. None of us can imagine life before we had you. We love your more than anything, our little Jonah boy! I'm going to go cuddle you now...

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