Sunday, January 12, 2014


WHOA am I behind on blogging or what? This little boy sure keeps me busy! And not like he's hard or anything...he is literally the easiest baby IN THE WORLD. It's just, two kids and one husband leaves little time for blogging (and cleaning...and many other things...). I have tons of pictures I need to get on here. This last week though, Jonah turned three months. I can't believe it. If I could freeze time I so would. I read a quote on a friend's blog that said something about how unhappy people don't want things to change but happy people look forward to the future. Seriously...I am working on that! Sooo when I go into the future can I keep the chunky baby thighs at least?

Jonah- you bring us so much happiness! You start every day of mine so happy. You still sleep right next to me, so in the mornings you wake up around six and we turn on our lamp and I say "good morning Jonah!!" and you smile a HUGE smile and it makes me smile too. Then you eat and go back to sleep for a while until after Jax wakes up and then Jax and I come and get you when you are up for good. Jax is always so excited for you to wake up. Almost every morning he says, "Wake up Jonah!" ...and sometimes he does! I hope you know how loved you are- and I hope you never forget it. You have such a special, sweet, calm spirit about you. Dad and I were talking today about how sweet of a boy you are going to be. We can already tell that you are going to be so loving and cuddly and calm and caring. You bring such a special spirit to our home that we didn't feel until you got here. We love you so much Jonah boy! Thanks for picking us.

Here are some things about you at three months:

-You love it when daddy holds you out and bounces you. You rarely get fussy, but when you do- dad has this special way of holding you where he holds you out on your back and bounces you and you calm right down. He sometimes does it on his legs too. It makes mom kind of jealous.

-You have some days where it seems like you sleep all day. Usually when we are out running errands and you are in your car seat a lot, you just sleep. When we are at home though, you are awake a lot more! And you are so EASY. When I have to take care of Jax or fold laundry (or anything else) I just lay you down on our bed or the couch and you just lie there happy and look all around.

-You are starting to notice your hands. A couple weeks ago, you started noticing them, but just this last Thursday, you figured out how to pull a blanket down from the back of the couch! You were laying on the couch at Grandma Pat's house and you kept staring at this red blanket. Then you started trying to grab it, and after while you pulled it all the way down! I put you under some hanging toys sometimes too and this Friday you started touching them! You use your left hand a lot more than your right it seems like too. It's so fun watching you learn.

-You know now when you are about to nurse. If you are hungry and crying and we are just about to nurse, you can totally tell. You start doing this choppy-whine thing. It's the cutest thing!

-When you get scared you throw your arms straight out and flex your legs. It is so cute! But so sad too. Yesterday everyone was watching a Seahawks game and everyone kept screaming so mom had to take you into the other room. (Grandma screams loud).

-You only wake up once a night now! Usually around 5:45. If you wake up twice it's usually at about 2:30 and 6ish.

-YOU HAVE THE CUTEST CHUBBY BODY IN THE WORLD. I love changing your diaper because I get to see your little tummy and chubby legs! Also- YOUR CHEEKS. I have never seen baby cheeks as cute as yours. Today in church you were lifting your head for a long time and it's the first time I have seen your whole neck in a while!

-You love love love the bath. There have been two times in the last three months that I haven't been able to calm you down. I don't know if you had a tummy ache, or what- but both times I ended up getting in the bath with you and you totally calmed down. You love the bath. Sometimes I have to give you quick baths and I feel so bad because I don't want you to get cold- but you have never cried. When we have had a busy day and I just want to relax, you and mom take a bath. We usually have about five minutes alone and then your brother gets in and pees in the water. :)

-You breathe really fast and raise your eyebrows when you get excited!

-Sometimes we will be holding you and we look down, you are just starting right at our faces. It is such a special feeling. You know our voices too. Sometimes I am holding you and daddy talks and you completely turn your head to find him! You did it un church today so I had to let him hold you! I was kind of bummed...

-You laugh every day. The first time you laughed really really hard was on New Year's Eve when Uncle Jared was taking to you. He smiling really big and talking to you and you were just cracking up! Now I can make you laugh, but dad makes you laugh the hardest!

-You don't get fussy when you are cold or hot. I have had you in a stroller with too many blankets and at the beach where it was really cold- and you never make a peep. Seriously- you are so easy Jonah!

-Sometimes we are holding you and you start whining a little so we know you want us to just put you down and talk to you. You love laying next to us on the floor or on the couch and just talking.

-You like to hold things in your fists. You always have your fists really tight- I feel like even more so than your brother did. You love to hold my finger- sometimes when you nurse and I love it. This week when we were shopping, you held some lipstick!

-You love it when we stand you up and bounce you! That's how we got you to smile for the pictures below. Dad said that tonight Jax was jumping on the couches, so he held you up and helped you bounce too! He said you were laughing and you loved it because you were included, haha!

-You have cute little dry cheeks. I can't put baby lotion on them because I think the fragrance in it hurts your skin. We use mommy's face stuff on your cheeks and then we smother your whole neck and head in baby lotion!

-You love getting kissed. At night when you can't sleep, sometimes I kiss your face to sleep. I have done it since you were a newborn.

-It's easier for you to fall asleep in the light than in the dark. In the middle of the night when you are wide-awake, we lay next to each other with the lamp on until you fall asleep. Dad has learned to just sleep through it. If I turn off the light, you wake up more and move your hands and legs really fast- but if we keep the light on and we just cuddle with our faces facing each other, you fall asleep fast.

-You stay up with us until about 10 or 10:30.

-You aren't that into books yet. I try to read to you a lot, but books don't really do anything for ya yet!

-When we are putting Jax to bed, we love to lay you right next to him. It's just cute and we love looking at our two little boys together. Jax loves you laying next to him in bed. Sometimes you are hungry and want to eat around bedtime, but usually when we lay you next to your brother you get calm for a little bit.

-You fall asleep way easier in the light than in the dark. Sometimes in the middle of the night when you are awake, we lay in bed facing each other with the light on- until you fall asleep. If I turn it off, you wake up even more!

-Your hair is starting to grown in thicker! And your hair has a red undertone like mom's does. I cut some of your little wispies for the first time this week! Don't worry, we won't give you a mullet like we gave your brother!


  1. He looks just like Jax! What a sweetie!!

  2. oh my gosh! those legs! adorable!

  3. Those pictures are swoon worthy. He is precious!

  4. I love the chubbiness! Thank you for sharing and I love seeing how he's grown and changed. They change so quickly in a short time. By the way your blog helps with 2am feedings, 4am feedings and 6am.....thank you!


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