Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Something quick before McKay gets home from work.

I have 13 minutes before McKay gets home from work and about negative 30 minutes until I should have started shredding rotisserie chicken (yuck, by the way. so much fat). But I have been DYING to write. I just have no time. Like NONE. Well, that's a lie. But when I have time, I am either sleeping or zombie-like watching TV. Isn't it so fun listening to bloggers give excuses about why they haven't blogged? Ya...annoying. So, ANYWAYS. Our home is almost plague-free...ALMOST. We have all been sick. Even McKay got sick! Poor McKay who got sick and still had to go to work and take the garbage out and everything. I mean, I would, but I literally can't lift it. Now it's down to just Jax and I (and kind of McKay) who are sniffing and wiping our noses. I wipe mine on toilet paper and Jax wipes his on every surface of our house. I used to be one of those people who just got grossed out by other people's kids...like other people's kids snot and pee and poop and coughing- but Jax getting sick this time made me grossed out of my own kid. I'm sorry, but watching your child smear snot on his just-bathed bare arm is disgusting. 
Aside from being sick, we have been pretty much home. Cleaning, never-ending laundry and trying to NOT watch TV (as in Jax) every day. Today I said, "Jax! No more TV. Go get a book! Mommy will read it to you!" And he screamed at me "Noooooooo mommmm TTTTTBBBBBEEEE" (that's how he says it), and I just wanted to DIE. Did my child seriously just scream for the TV?! No. So this week I am going to Hobby Lobby to get some Christmas crafts. 
We have been on a couple out-of-the-house excursions as a family. We went to the park, which was so good for Jax. And I have ran errands with them and everything. For the most part is has been great- easy easy- and I leave feeling so accomplished like yes, I did just accomplish a shopping trip with two children and neither of them are screaming, give me two more and I'll do it again right now.  But then, I have special moments where I realize that no, I am not awesome. For example, yesterday when I literally had to whip my boob out in the middle of COSTCO. Usually crying babies don't stress me out at all, but Jonah was SCREAMING and I could not console him. Thankfully, Jax was being an angel boy in the cart and just sitting there. After I realized that no amount of walking or bouncing would help, I found the first seat I could (and seriously considered just sitting against a wall), ripped my shirt up and stuck it in his mouth. This is the part where some of you may want to stop reading, for the sake of TMI. BUT Jonah is not a consistent nurser like Jax was. He's kind of a latch-on-latch-off-er. So anyone who has nursed knows that when you get things going, they are going, and a baby that decides to stop-and-start may get a face-full...especially when he is under a blanket and his mom can't see what's going on at all. So ya...just...in the middle of Costco. And meanwhile the pharmacist who was sitting directly across from me kept smiling at me in maybe pity, but I took it as a comfort. Also, while I was busy, Jax continuously tried to stick the germ-infested buckle from the cart into his mouth and THANKFULLY a woman came over and tried to get it out of there for me, afterwards saying, I'm a grandma. Which was SO NICE. I love helpful grandmas. Then, we got to the check-out and Jonah was still screaming. I mean, why does the one time I can't console him have to be in the middle of public when I have a cart full of food to empty? Then, again, a good samaritan came. A lady offered to empty my cart for me. I think when she asked she could tell I was hesitating, because for some reason, my initial reaction is just to figure it out on my own- but one of the first things she said was, "I have a newborn at home," and that totally made me feel like okay, yes, she gets it! She doesn't think I'm just a crazy mom who can't even handle two kids at Costco! And the ending to the story is that we went to the car and fed Jonah some more, and then McKay met us for pizza and hot dogs and ice cream, which was perfect. And he even held Jonah while I ate. Oh and one more funny thing is that this couple next to us got a full-on Costco lunch and at the same time, dug into a FULL rotisserie chicken! hahaha. 

And my 13 minutes is up, so now I have got to go make dinner! Oh, and in other news, which is kind of sad, Jax now knows a bra is called a "bra," and not "meat." Kind of sad. 



  1. Oh man. I feel for you. You are seriously a super mom!

  2. Your family is just darling. Way to go juggling two kids!!

  3. "meat" i'm dying that is hilarious.
    sounds like a patience testing time at Costco...BUT you're doing all the right things ali. <3 motherhood really fits you!

  4. all i heard was costco pizza and now i'm drooling.

    love yaaaaaaaaaaaaa and love these stories!!!!

  5. your hair is so pretty! Love the cut :) also Costco pizza is the best pizza.

  6. hahahahaha ali you tell stories sooo well. i mean seriously thank GOODNESS for kind people in the world. and good luck with getting your family better from being sick! doesn't sound fun :(

  7. it makes me so happy to hear people helped you out at costco. i feel like people usually just awkwardly stand around and watch a person struggle in a situation like that. what sweet ladies!


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