Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pumpkin Patching

I have two sick boys today. Yesterday we woke up and McKay said "Let's go to Maltby's!" It's my favorite breakfast place ever- and so we hurried and threw on sweats and were out the door. Jonah had kind of a stuffy nose- so we bundled him up really really warm, but I remembered Jax having a stuffy nose all the time when he was a baby, so I thought he was fine to go. Welllll first of all, Maltby's was closed- so that was a huge bummer. Then we went to a breakfast place called the "Sawmill" that was DISGUSTING. Jonah was mad there so I had to do the nursing-on-a-public-toilet thing. Jax was being insane. McKay and I both looked at each other and McKay said something like, I don't think we should come to restaurants together. And then we got in the car to finally head home. Jonah was screaming and so I climbed in the back to nurse (I know I am not the only one who does that), and saw that my baby had red eyes and real tears and had had a huge blowout- so I said, McKay. Just PULL OVER.  And I could tell that Jonah was sick. We nursed and got on new jammies and then headed home for the whole rest of the weekend. Which brings us back to the pictures above- the pumpkin patch. Which I hadn't blogged about yet. So today while all four of us sit here in pajamas watching "Up" 47 times, I am going to try to get caught up so I can real blog this week. As in- like details, not updates. 

We went to the pumpkin patch the Saturday before Jonah was born. It was the last thing we did with only us three. We went with my family too, so Jax could be with Lexi and Laci. He had fallen asleep on the way and when we got there, we woke him up and said Let's go pick out a pumpkin! He would not cooperate for any pictures, of course. But he loved it. He was really intent on doing everything himself. I tried to get the traditional picture of McKay pushing him the the wheelbarrow, but Jax took a tiny pumpkin and chucked it on the ground and it broke- so we abandoned the pictures pretty much after that. It was kind of quick visit to the pumpkin patch. While McKay and my mom were paying for the pumpkins we picked, the kids and I were looking at all the pretty squash- then, all of the sudden, Jax darted to the "park." I looked around and realized there were no adults right there to chase him so I had to nine-month-pregnant-run across the field in front of the whole pumpkin patch to catch my child. I think my underwear were probably showing too, but who knows. When you're that pregnant, you don't notice that stuff much anymore. 

So that was the last excursion we took- just the three of us. I'm sure there were special little moments that were sweet, but I don't remember them. I honestly just remember Jax chucking the pumpkin and chasing him in front of 100 people.  


  1. great photos! what a nice place :)

  2. Hope your boys are feeling better. Funny how movies seem to be the cure to any illness, right? :P



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