Sunday, November 3, 2013

At the Park

Since Jonah has been born, we have struggled a little more with Jax than usual. And actually as I type this, he is running around in front of me, shooting baskets in his hoop being so (I was going to write "sweet," but then he started screaming and smacked McKay, so I take that back). Anyways- some days have just been a lot harder. And the weird thing is, is that I feel like he is getting even more attention than he did before Jonah- because McKay and I are so conscious of it now and we are making sure. But at my hair appointment last week, the lady cutting my hair made actually a very smart suggestion. She asked if we paid attention to him when he was being good- and I was kind of like, when he is being good, I am thinking, OKAY YES! Jax is situated so I can get all this other stuff done that I need to. But she said that if he doesn't get as much attention when he's being good, then he will do the things that will get him the attention. WELL DUH. So screaming, hitting, whining, saying "Mom. STOWP TAWLKINGGG" are all the things he does that actually get him attention. Anyways- so last week, we were having a particularly hard morning, and Jax had to have a time-out in his crib, so I stuck him in there, shut the door, and walked out. Then I heard a thump on the ground, followed by a cry- and I knew that he had tried to climb out of his crib and fallen- so I went in there to talk to my boy.
But then I saw him lying in his floor crying, and he just looked like this tiny little baby that needed his mommy. So I laid on the floor next to him and we cuddled and talked. I asked him if he was sad, and he said "yes." And then I asked him what would make him happy- and he cried, "PAAAARK."
So then I hurried and called McKay and asked him if he could push his lunch back a little later so I would have time to pack a picnic and get the boys ready so we could go to the park for lunch. And that's what we did. It was Jonah's first time outside, and he was just out the entire time. Jax ran around and swung with his daddy and gave me a flower- and I think it was what he needed. Then we went home and Jax was so tired, that he wanted to take a nap- and that is just what I needed.

the end.


  1. what a nice idea to handle a situation like dad! I'm sure it gets more difficult with two kids and this is new for all of you, glad it turned out great... you all look very happy

  2. jax is looking more and more like McKay!!!
    I think that was some really solid advice that she gave you - making sure you're giving him positive attention when he's being a good boy. <3


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