Wednesday, October 30, 2013

About: My Hair & Phone

Now that I have updated about the boys, I feel free to talk about myself. Like how I think my hair has started to fall out. When I dry it I have to scoot my rug out of the way and scoop it up with my hands. It's so disgusting. I can't stand hair on the floor. When McKay and I got married I had long(ish) hair. It was long for me- and McKay "loved" it. After we got married, I got a mom bob and after that, McKay always alluded to missing it being longer. I would ask him what he liked, and he would kinda say welllll, I like it both ways, but... That kind of thing. So for the last two years, I have been growing it out. And I feel like my hair grows really slow- because it has literally taken FOR. EV. ER. And now I think it is longer than it was when we got married.
But I hate it. It's so in the way and every day, I just stick it up in a ponytail. Having two kids has made me realize that I will probably never have an hour and a half to get ready, ever again. And there are like fifty other reasons, but in the last three days I have come to the realization that I need to cut it all off. Like into a legitimate mom bob. A real one. Not the kind that girls get when they get married that they just call a mom bob (like I did). Because this is a REAL ONE. Like the I-have-two-kids-I-don't-have-time-to-curl-my-hair-so-I'm-getting-a-bob-because-I-have-to-do-this mom bob. I made an appointment for tomorrow and I am kind of nervous that I will hate it, but mostly excited because it will take me about two seconds to do! The pics above are the ones that I am going to bring to show the lady. It's a lady I've never gone to before. Is that risky? 

Okay, and my number two thing is that I FINALLY GOT AN IPHONE. I am finally not a loser with a flip phone anymore! I am not even exagerrating. I seriously had a matching flip phone with my mom. Her iphone is coming tomorrow and we talked about it this morning. We are so excited to be joining everyone who got one seven years ago. The other night we were at my house with my family and I was trying to talk my mom into getting the new one instead of the four. She was saying but the four is like free! It's ninety-seven cents! And I was saying MOM. Seriously. You are going to have it for like two years, so why would you get one that's already old. Just get the newest one. And we were going back and forth. And then my grandma piped in and said, Ali! That is how you end up having a lot of money! By not always buying the newest thing. And obviously I didn't debate her. But I just had to pause for a moment and think about all the children in my family who have iphones. And then give myself a little mental pat-on-the back for having the ugliest phones ever for all of my adult life. And then I said to myself, Ali, it's okay, you can get an iphone and maybe still not be poor when you're old. And then I got one. The end. 

And now I have Instagram! So everyone should follow me so I can have more followers than my nine-year-old sister. 



  1. Those pictures totally aren't even bobs! They are longer than shoulder length! Haha! You are going to look great. You have such gorgeous hair. Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. yayy I am so excited you have instagram!! Also your hair is gorgeous I am excited to see pics!! :)

  3. ahaha Ali, shoulder length is nothing to worry about at all. that'll grow back so fast! I felt quite delayed in getting my iPhone (almost a year ago) some things will become quite quite handy! congrats!

    perfectly priya


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