Sunday, November 3, 2013

Jonah Baby

My Jonah will be a month old pretty soon (not yet!) and every day it just seems like he grows. We look at him and say, I think he is even cuter today. How in the world is it possible for him to get even cuter? And really- in my mom mind, I talk myself out of the fact that he is growing, because he doesn't really look different every day. But if it happens at all like it happened with Jax, I will be here cuddling my newborn one day and spoon-feeding a four-month-old the next. Andddd I am going to just stop because this is getting really really depressing. But McKay keeps saying that he can't even remember what it was like before Jonah. And I can't either. It's so true and so amazing that once another member of our family comes to earth we can't even imagine anything without them. One of our favorite things has been documenting all the little things Jonah does that Jax didn't do. How can babies be so different while they're still so little? It makes me excited to see the traits in his little personality as he grows. But really Jonah, you don't have to grow up!

Here are some things that are just "you" at three weeks and three days:

- you like your lower body to be swaddled, but you do not like to have your arms in your blankets. No matter how I try to swaddle you at night, I always roll over to see your little arms up by your face.

- you make little sounds when you sleep- just like Jax did. You do it different than Jax though. Jax's kind of sounded like little moans and yours sound like little whimpers. We love it.

- you love your bath! You are always so calm in your bath. You don't even mind getting out of the bath- but you don't always like getting lotion put on. Jax was the same way!

-you love your brother Jax. I spend so much time trying to get Jax to be "quiet" and "calm" around you, but it seems like whenever he near you and whatever he is doing (or how loud he is), you calm down and know that your big brother is right there.

-you don't care about your swing that much. Sometimes I put you in there, thinking it will calm you down (like at three in the morning!) but you don't really care if you are in the swing or not. If you want mom, you just want mom.

-you are starting to want to be held. I love it. I am not just saying that, I love it. I don't mind holding you at all. I don't mind rocking you or bouncing you. Dad doesn't either. He was bouncing you two seconds ago.

-you love the k'tan. Before you were born, I planned on leaving you with great-grandma for about an hour when we went trick-or-treating. I couldn't leave you though (I miss you all the time. Even when you're right next to me) and so I put you in the k'tan and we went trick-or-treating. You slept the whole time and barely moved. We did that at the trunk-or-treat too and when we went to the mall to get you tiny clothes (because most of your 0-3 stuff was too big). I love that you love being right up against me. I think to you, it feels like you are in my tummy- and to me, it feels like that too and that's why I love it!

-you have the prettiest lips. If I could pick any two features for my boys to have, my top two would be your dad's eyes and your uncle Chad's lips. I think you and Jax both have dad's eyes...but I think you have your uncle's lips too!

-you don't like to be held up against us on your tummy. You like to be held out on our hands with your arms dangling.

-you flex your feet when you are starting to nurse.

-when I am trying to get you to sleep at night, your favorite position is facing me (but still being held out), with your head tipped back and our faces touching. Then I kiss your cheeks over and over until you get really sleepy.

-you sleep right in the middle of mom and dad- facing mom.

-you are a really sensitive nurser- I have to hold still or you let go. You have been getting a lot better though! We still aren't good at laying down and nursing yet.

-when you get scared or startled your arms shoot straight out at your sides. It is the saddest thing and we have to immediately cuddle you!

-you look for me if I am near you, but not holding you.

-sometimes when you are sleeping you make the funniest faces. Sometimes you do this face where you look really mad- like you are about to scream- but then you get totally calm again.

-yesterday in the car you did the "vibrating" cry that Jax used to do when he was really upset. It was so sad! That was the only time I have ever heard you do it.

-your eyelashes are starting to get long! You have a few long ones growing- it is the same thing that happened with Jax. I didn't remember that until I saw yours!

-You don't get frustrated with the hiccups. You usually just lay by me, wide awake, and we talk or nurse or bounce until they are gone. 

-you have hairy shoulders and ears and I love them.

-you wake up at about 11, 3 (or 4) and 6 (or 7)

-you smile all the time in your sleep! I think I have almost gotten you to smile by taking to you. Last night, you got so close! You may have even started to smile...but- no real smiles quite yet! (You actually just smiled on dad in your sleep!)


  1. I love this post! Being the second child I always felt like my parents had a mostly filled out baby book for my brother and remembered all these things about him as a child and my baby book was empty. I've always wanted to make sure that all my children have filled out baby books and a full set of stories/memories to go with them. So I love that you have this list for Jonah!

    -- SarahChristine

  2. Such a wonderful post, he sounds like a precious boy. :)

  3. I just read through this whole list - so cute, and now I have baby fever...haha but that will have to wait a few years. ;)

  4. I love babies! Especially baby boys :) they are just so sweet and I love how they adore their momma :)


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