Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I have to document this but I'll hurry and write a post right after it.

The boys are finally feeling better today- so this morning, I let them take a bath together. I haven't let them for a few days, just because I didn't know what the rules were with germs and hot water and how all of that works and didn't want to be swirling around snot and germs (and probably pee). This morning though, I woke up feeling rested and said to myself, Ali, the plague in this house is coming to an end. You are going to clean the whole house this week! You can do it little by little, and by the end of the week it will be all done! So today, I was going to do the laundry and maybe clean the bathrooms, but first on the list: wash children. So I told Jax to take his clothes off and get in the bath and I started the hot water and went to grab Jonah. Minutes later, they were both in the bath. I washed Jonah's hair and we were talking and playing and Jax was pouring water on Jonah and Jonah was relaxed and happy and everything was going swimmingly (pun...) but then, Jonah pooped. 
Totally normal- this happens 50% of the time. I quickly get Jax out, tell him to get in mommy's bathtub, and then I quickly wash Jonah in the air and everything continues accordingly. 

But today was different, I heard crying- and I walked into our bathroom to find this:

So I quickly said, JAX. DO NOT TOUCH THE POOP. JUST A MINUTE. And then I diapered Jonah and obviously grabbed my phone to take pictures. 

Soon after, I realized there was poop on everything. Poop on Jonah's towel, poop on his blanket that I almost wrapped him in, and poop on my arm. 

But pictures were more important. 

 Jax! Cover up your wiener so I can show this to people!

So then we were out of bathtubs, so I turned on my shower and stuck Jax in- and then I took care of Jonah. And then I had to wash Jax so I just popped (NOT pooped- even though McKay read this twice and thought it said that) inside the shower with my clothes on and washed him whilst he screamed and cried. It was a lovely morning.  


  1. Juston and I are crying we are laughing so hard at this! Especially reading it how McKay thought it was, "then I pooped in the shower with my clothes on." Bahaha. Oh man.

  2. Sooo funny! I think Jax's faces are my favorite! He looks so ashamed!

  3. i'm not laughing.
    ok I am.
    i'm sorry - but it was manageable until you posted the picture of jax-in the tub-with poop-crying/screaming.
    I couldn't contain my laughter.
    you're a great mom - and i'm sure that morning used up some patience, but you're doing amazing!

  4. hahahahahha you just have to laugh! You are such a great mom Ali, I love your blog :)

  5. oh, my. first off, pictures: priceless. they may be too explicit for yearbook embarrassment one day, but oh my goodness. Jax's face! I am dying!!!

    second: definitely read "pooped" too. which is hilarious because it sounds like you said "to hell with it!" and just pooped. omg.

    on a more serious note: loving reading your special moments with two boys. precious.

    perfectly priya


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