Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our Jonah Baby Boy (especially his feet!)

I stayed up until after one last night- editing and organizing pictures and all that kind of stuff. Kind of dumb, but worth it. It was actually so fun- Costco bag of chocolate, Gavin Degraw Pandora station (I am obsessed with him lately) and pictures of newborn feet. Not a lot better than that. Today I don't know if I will even shower. Whatever. I feel so behind- with updates and picture uploads and everything, so I figured today I would just start dumping photos on this thing and writing and getting back on track. I am tired of the general updates- I want to start writing about our days again. So here is Jonah last week- can you tell that I am in love with his feet?
Jax is in love with his little brother too. He came in while I was taking pictures and had to be right next to Jonah. He asks me all day if he can "howwwd himmm."
I am kind of kicking myself for not writing down little things up to this point, so I am going to try to remember the best ones-

- Jax usually doesn't last long holding Jonah, but two days ago I put Jonah on his lap and started reading books. Jax held him for probably a half hour while I read to them- and he didn't want to stop.

-I am still recovering, you know. So I have a nice big bag of maxi pads right on the floor in our bathroom. On Saturday I laid Jax down to change his diaper (YES he is still in them- not ready to clean pee off my floor yet...) and I opened his diaper, and there was a properly placed maxi pad in there. After I was done dying laughing for two minutes straight, I asked McKay about it, and he said that Jax was asking to wear one of the pads but he had kept telling him no. lolll guess Jax doesn't need his dad to put a pad on.

- I don't know if Jax has just been super loud and crazy lately- or if it's having a newborn and wanting to be quiet and gentle that has accentuated his loudness and non-gentle-ness, but lately we have been giving Jax little reminders to "be quieter" "be sofffttt!" "don't jump on the bed while mommy's nursing" "don't scream" "JAX, DON'T SCREAM." and etc. So I don't know where Jax got it...but but lately he has been telling me, "MOWM. STOWPPP TAWLKING." raised eyebrows and all. He says it to his grandma too. So lovely. 

-We have really tried to make sure Jax doesn't feel overshadowed or forgotten, so we talk a lot about our "two babies," so that he never feels like he's not our baby anymore. Now Jax has started to look at us and smile and say, "two babies." And we smile and say, "Ya Jax! Two babies. We love our two babies!"

-Sometimes Jax will just say, out of the blue, "Mom, I love Jonah." 

-McKay is really easy going with our babies. He lets other people hold them first, and acts like he doesn't mind, but then he gives me this look or says, "I miss him," and I know he needs his boy. 

-On Monday I was in my bathroom getting ready, and I had put Jonah on the carpet in our bedroom right next to the bathroom door. Jax was kind of walking around and was starting to play with Jonah on the floor. I was keeping an eye on them because Jax likes to hug (lay on) Jonah. Suddenly Jax started saying "eat! eat!" So I looked- and Jax had his chest right in Jonah's face. He was trying to nurse him.

-Speaking of nursing, one of the first times Jax saw me nursing after we brought Jonah home, he wanted to nurse too. Really bad engorgement made it a little tempting...but no. Sorry bud. 

-One of my first days home, my dad brought over lunch. We were eating in the bonus room, which is right across the hall from our bedroom. Jonah was sleeping on our bed and Jax was running around by us. Jax ran out of the room for BARELY 30 seconds- and all of a sudden, he came walking into the room- HOLDING JONAH. I panicked and grabbed Jonah and looked at my dad. Fortunately, my dad smiled and calmly said, "Jax, we need to ask mom or dad when we want to hold Jonah..." which was perfect. Thanks dad! I still have no idea how he got him off of our bed. I heard no crying and that's all I need/want to know. 

-Jonah has slept in our bed with us at night since he came home. Jax did the same thing, but we were living with my grandparents so we were in a king bed. Now, we are in our bed, which is a queen- so it's a little more squished. I actually read on one of my hospital handouts that it's totally natural and fine for a mom to sleep with her baby in the "nursing position" (or something like that)- so that made me feel a little safer about sleeping with him. I just have to sleep with my newborns. Anyways- McKay is so careful that he literally sleeps on six inches of the bed at night. I have no idea how he hasn't fallen off the edge- or how he can sleep. But it's really cute. 

-Jax loves the song "Follow the Prophet" right now, and every time we get to the verse that says "Jonah was a prophet..." he CRACKS UP laughing. So funny!

i'll add more as I think of them.


  1. Gosh! Just adorable. Little feet and all. What is really getting me though is those two brothers together. Just darling. Made me, well, .... :)

  2. ALI!!! Oh my gosh!!! Newborn feet are the best. SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR YOU!!! I am so behind :) congrats on the new little one!

  3. how adorable! they look like twins! same face :)


  5. Beautiful! Just simply stunning. I so remember those newborn days. Embrace your pajamas, knotted hair, leaking boobs, and bad breath, it is the only time in life it is ok to smell like a homeless person! XOXO!

  6. beautiful photos! Soooo cute♥

  7. Haha! Those stories are hilarious. I can't believe he put a pad in his diaper hahaha

  8. These pictures are amazing and make me sad because Hudson doesn't look like a newborn anymore and because I never took any real pictures of him when he did... Hilarious stories about Jax though!!

  9. these pictures make me so baby hungry! All you bloggers need to stop having such adorable babies!

  10. Those are some cute little baby feet! :D

    ▼ Nicole ▼


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