Monday, September 30, 2013

Things I Love Today

-That we have less than three weeks until the baby gets here!

-That McKay let me take a bath after dinner and cleaned the whole entire kitchen! And that wasn't the first time this week...

-That we talked to both of our families for hours today

-That the baby moving so much right now I am literally cringing because it HURTS...but we are getting so close!

-That Jax was so excited tonight when I showed him his clothes and the baby's clothes next to each other in their closet

-That it's their closet now!

-That we only have one week until General Conference

-That Jax fell asleep in the car after church, and McKay and I just got to cuddle on the couch and talk

-That it rained and I think the heat is officially done!

-That after Jax went to bed, McKay and I laid on our bed and laughed for like an hour. He was busy this week and I missed him.


  1. those are all beautiful things. i'm glad that you and the hubs have been able to spend some time together (especially with some laughs!)


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