Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall. Babies. Protein Shakes.

I LOVE this time of the year! Last night I turned on our heater and today Jax and I made pumpkin cookies and everything feels crisp and perfect! Only three and a half more weeks until my due date. I can't believe it. I thought that time would go slow near the end, but these weeks are actually flying by. It's 9:10 and McKay is in bed. IN BED. Can you believe it? I am so bored! I have no one to hang out with. The real miracle though is that Jax is in bed! We put him to bed at 8:40 and he talked for a while and now...silence. It's almost unreal. We have almost always been really really chill with baby schedules. I'm not a big believer in putting a baby on a feeding schedule (at all) or being super strict with a bedtime schedule (obviously unless it's obnoxious). So Jax has always gone to bed at around 10 or 11 and wakes up at nine and it's worked fine...until he started talking. non-stop. Literally NON-STOP. And whining and screaming more. The talking is really really cute until about 7:30...and then you start getting that feeling like your head will maybe explode. So last week, we cut naps to try to encourage an earlier bed time. Totally worked! 9:16 and my house is SILENTTT. 

About baby: baby is still moving a ton. Whenever I drink ice water, he shifts. I keep hoping that it doesn't somehow make him cold! His movements are becoming more forceful and rough- and no more rolling. I don't think there's room in there! He still fans his knee across the left side of my stomach and side and I love feeling it! I have religiously been rubbing lotion on my stomach. I feel so much more pressure than I did with Jax. I feel like there are stretch marks coming on. If there are, oh well. I get Braxton Hicks every stinking day! At first I thought the baby was like spreading out, but thought it was weird that my whole stomach would get hard and I would feel all this pressure. Finally, it dawned on me...DUH. I never got them with Jax (I don't think). So today I googled them, and yes. I like them though. I know my body is getting ready! I have an appointment on the 3rd. SO hoping that there is progression down there. Please please please have progression down there. I'm scared of everything happening to fast and getting to the hospital too late for an epidural- like my mom did. What ellllllse. Jax is so excited. He thinks there is a baby in his tummy too. And tonight I realized that he has an outie bellybutton. How did I not notice that?! I am his mom! Hello! I said to McKay, Did you know Jax has an outie?! And McKay was like, "Um. Ya...you never noticed that?" ...

I am still craving sweets! Every night I have ice cream or hot chocolate. I haven't weighed myself in a week-ish. Don't care. And kind of don't want to know. The last two nights have been really bad, cause McKay and I have been having our last nightly snack at the same time. Last night McKay had a protein shake and I had a Reeces. A whole candy bar that I bought for myself...Then tonight, McKay had a protein shake and I put two cookies on a plate. The protein shakes really accentuate the crap I am eating too. Tonight, McKay started at me and said, 

"Do you wish you were married to Santa Claus?"


  1. fall is here! hope you're enjoying the last few weeks of your pregnancy!


  2. yay for fall!! Maybe this baby will come early :)


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