Monday, September 16, 2013

More Bump

Sooo these are from last Thursday. It was my favorite day of last week. I had a doctor appointment and my doctor said that the baby is growing and that I "have gained enough weight." I think he just meant that I have not gained less weight than I should have at 35 weeks...but I had to kinda laugh! It's ENOUGH, Ali. lol. It doesn't help that I literally crave hot chocolate every second- which is the weirdest thing because I am totally not a hot chocolate girl. I don't even drink it in the winter- only sometimes when we go out to breakfast. But I seriously want it always. I bought a box of it and a thing of whipping cream and both are almost completely gone. Sooo good right now.
Doctor also said that baby's head is down and low and that he will probably stay that way! I love hearing things like that. I keep having this feeling that I will go a little early- but who knows! And with my luck I will probably be about a week late!
The end of this pregnancy has me feeling a little panicky. It's so different not having family so involved. With Jax everyone was like K, you need this, this, and this. And, Do you have this? Should we go get this? And Do you have this, this, and this ready for the hospital.  And this time it's just like "______" (that means silence). So I am listing in my brain over and over things that I have, things that I need, and things that I know I will need to make me comfortable- and I wish I would have had last time. I have a huge box of 0-3 month stuff that was Jax's, but it's just not as fun to use a on of hand-me-downs! Same goes for blankets. I feel like with your first baby, people kind of tell you what to do, what to get, and you just kind of go uh-uh...okay...ya....I like that along the whole process. Because you have no idea what you're doing or what you will end up liking or needing. But this time, I know what I like and I know what I need. So mental lists swarm my head everyday. This is what I'm thinking as of now (it's gonna feel really good to get this actually documented):


1. Two good nursing bras & two comfy ones to sleep in
I have been reading tons- and I keep going back to the Anita brand at Nordstrom. They just look the most supportive and comfortable. I think I got one after Jax was born and I liked it better than my other ones. Even though nothing was ever THAT comfortable nursing for the first nine-ish months. 

2. Robe for the hospital
I have had this in my head for forever. I am just thinking it would be so fun to have a cute robe to wear in the hospital- a small thing to make me feel a little better and more put-together after giving birth. Little things like this make a big difference for me.

3. Good swaddling blankets
I have a bunch of blankets from Jax- but I still want some good, soft, thin ones for swaddling. The flannel ones are just too thick and big for a newborn inside the house. I like these.

4. More little hats and sleepwear
Again- have this stuff from Jax. But I have so many of those newborn "dress" sleepers. And honestly, for me- changing a diaper was just as easy with a zipper. And those dresses ride up a lot. And normal jammies are just way cuter- especially on a boy. I am dying over Gap's new stuff. 

5. Saline nose spray (for baby)
My friend Whitney gave me this and I used it ALL THE TIME on Jax's stuffy noses. So nice! I need to get more. This is the one I like.

6. Maxi pads
For obvious reasons

7. Baby lotion
My stepmom got this for me when Jax was born and it is the best baby lotion! It's a little hard to find now...which is a bummer. Here it is.

Would be REALLY nice:

1. Bassinet
The baby will be in our room for the first few months- at least. Jax was actually in our room for a good eight months! ...and we used a Pack n' Play the entire time. A bassinet would be sooooo nice. 

2. Diaper bag
Just because my old one is trashed- but don't need this. 

3. Baby sling

4. Baby slippers

5. Comfy jammies for me
Just for fun and because they are all I will be wearing for about six weeks.

6. Glider & ottoman
Something I will never get because they are so dang expensive but STILL. McKay doesn't realize how nice this would be...but wouldn't it be SO NICE??!?!!! 

The end! That's it! ...Am I forgetting anything?


  1. im so excited for you. and i really like you and your blog is my favorite. i think we would be friends :)

  2. Ali - have you seen the Graham Glider at West Elm? It's seriously my dream for when I have a kid. The price tag kind of makes me want to puke though.

  3. Gained 'enough'? Whatever, you look perfect! :D I kept gaining water weight at the end and my whole body was swelling! It was so gross! But I lost 20 lbs instantly, which was great :P!


  4. two things: 1. Earhart hats. ADORABLE. you can get them at Village Maternity in UVill and 2. the Ugg Bixbee booties are the BEST.

  5. On the same lines as your robe--I got one of these before I had joony and I ripped the seams out of the neckline and added a button and a loop of elastic so it was SO easy to nurse in. IT WAS THE BEST and so pretty and I felt feminine but also so comfortable. Fave thing.
    You look amazing! Gorgeous mama. So excited to see little brother!

  6. I think I have said it before but a good baby sling is a must with kid #2!! Albee baby had Ergos for a great deal the other day. Check it out may be they are still on sale. I loved my ring sling for newborns and then a soft structure carrier later. I have yet to try a woven wrap. Had a stretchy wrap (like a Moby) It was nice and snugly but not a fan of all the fabric during summer and only good for under 18 lbs. Good luck with everything. You could always try to find a used glider and clean it up. Having a rocking chair is a must too! I like my rocking recliner chair. So exciting to be getting so close!


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